Immersive History
Immersive History project logo
Composite image of harp overlay on Rosslyn Chapel illustration

This project focuses on developing software that co-locates geographically remote musicians and audiences within historically recreated virtual spaces to perform and spectate.

Violin over on original plans

This research will invigorate the field of historical musicology, performance studies, and especially Early Music (performance and musicology).

Wind instrument composite with illustrated Linlithgow background

This project will equip performers with a new set of tools and methods, and provide audiences with new ways of engaging with and experiencing site-specific performances.

Composite image of lute overlaid on Linlithgow Palace

The collaborative music-making technologies that the Immersive History project aims to develop represent an opportunity for cultural organizations to expand their reach.

Intricately carved viola head overlaid on original invitation to St Cecilia's

This project brings together cross-disciplinary expertise from a range of academic, industry, and cultural partners to explore the point where performance practice, gaming, virtual reality, spatial audio, and culture and heritage meet.

Instrument mouthpiece overlaid on original plans for St Cecilia's hall

The Immersive History project aims to produce a prototype for the reconstruction of historical performances and performance spaces within virtual reality, and to evaluate its use within commercial, cultural/heritage, and performance contexts.