Decolonising the musical university

Participate in the conference

We invite researchers, educators and activists to join us online on 23-24 July 2020 to participate in the process of decolonising the musical university. We've had to postpone our full conference for the time being, but are hoping to use this online meeting to begin sharing experiences and ideas.

Decolonising the musical university

Decolonisation is the disruption and dismantling of colonial structures and behaviours.

As such, in this meeting too, we would like to disrupt some of the formats of academic practice and prioritise more inclusive ways of working.

Our main aims as organisers are

  • to facilitate, and make space for, marginalised colleagues, and
  • to encourage more privileged colleagues to listen and to reflect on how colonial ideologies continue to influence teaching, learning and research.

Why we’ve called this conference

In 2018, Morag Grant invited Diljeet Bhachu to curate and chair a panel on decolonising the music curriculum as part of the Reid School of Music research seminar series.

This was in part because Diljeet’s research was beginning to touch on the issue of colonial legacy and mentality in music education.

When planning that event, we became aware that the discussion on decolonisation in music education specifically is only beginning in the British context.

By calling this conference, we hope to connect with others who are interested in this issue, and draw on existing expertise and experience to move this work forward.