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The research group runs a programme of activities as part of an exciting research environment for students and staff.



The Global Staffroom

The Global Staffroom is a live podcast hosted by Manual Labours (Jenny Richards and Sophie Hope) involving conversations and interviews with people about what it feels like to care, be cared for, not be able to care at work.


Private Life is a one-day symposium examining artistic explorations of the questions raised by the idea of ‘private life' with a keynote by Dr Josephine Berry.

Art & Violence Now examines manifestations, enactments and representations of violence in contemporary art against a global political and cultural backdrop in which terrorism, extremism, intolerance, sexual and other forms of violence appear endemic and inescapable.
John Akomfrah, Vertigo Sea. Talbot Rice Gallery, 21 October 2017- 27 January 2018. Courtesy Talbot Rice Gallery.
Jan 22 2018 -

'Vertigo Sea' Tour and Conversation

A tour of Talbot Rice Gallery's most recent exhibition, John Akomfrah's 'Vertigo Sea', with introduction by the exhibition's curator James Clegg and a conversation led by Prof Andrew Patrizio.
Nov 30 2017 -

Art History in the Age of Global Trump Politics

This round-table will discuss how the political impulses having so far animated the discipline of art history are challenged in this new terrain of ideological confusion as capitalism is becoming disassociated from democracy.
Oct 25 2017 -

The Social Reproduction of Feminist Art History

A discussion and debate marking the launch of two publications: Feminism and Art History Now and a special issue of Third Text focusing on 'Social Reproduction and Art'.
Jul 10 2017 -

Nizan Shaked - Form and Finance: Museums at the Public/Private Divide

This lecture shows the connection between financial and aesthetic mediations in the nonprofit museum structure.