Edinburgh Biofilms Innovation

Biofilm Formation Research

Biofilm formation research taking place at the School of Engineering in the water sector.

Biofilm formation is a nuisance for some processes used in the water sector. This is particularly the case of membrane filtration in desalination, water and wastewater treatment, where biofilms reduce the quantity and quality of clean water produced, increase pressure drop along the membrane surface, as well as reducing membrane lifespan. In Dr. Semiao's group in the School of Engineering, we look at understanding how biofilms form on membrane surfaces and how they impact process efficiency. We further look at ways to avoid biofilm formation, as well as developing novel cleaning regimes, in order to reduce its negative impact in the process.

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Slide showing P. Putida cells after contact with 0.1 M NaCI, 3 M NaCI, 3 M CaCI2
P. Putida cells