Edinburgh Award

Reflecting on your experiences

Part of completing the Edinburgh Award involves analysing your experiences - both what gains/impact you’ve made and how you’ve achieved these.

This type of reflection is an everyday process. We reflect on a whole host of experiences all the time - What went well? What didn’t work? Why? What could I have done differently? What have I gained/learned from this? Capturing these reflections gives you a chance to gain further insights from your experiences, and employers in particular are interested in the depth and maturity that this type of reflection can help you bring to your applications and interviews.

For the Edinburgh Award you will be asked to think back over your experiences, identifying what you have gained and learned from them. Towards the end of the Award, you will:

  • consider the three skills/abilities you wanted to develop during the Award, and for each capture what progress you made and how your experiences helped you achieve this progress; and
  • capture your reflections on the impact you had on the people or organisation(s) around you - again, what impact and how (how you achieved it, how you know it was effective).

Useful resources

Some people find this type of writing quite different to other assignments, so here are some tips that may help.

Tips for reflection

You may find it helpful to look at a couple of examples - both use the CARL framework given in the tips (Context, Action, Result & Learning).

Examples of reflections