School of Economics


Workload details across the four years of the economics degree



During your first and second year, you will have between six and nine lectures and three tutorials every week.

In your final two years, you will have several weekly teaching sessions, although they depend upon the options you choose.

We value independent study very highly at Edinburgh, so we expect you to spend considerable time outside of your lectures and tutorials completing secondary reading and research.

Sample timetable

You can download a sample of a first year student's timetable below.

This requires a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader


Your work will be assessed through essays, projects and class examinations depending upon which courses you choose. You will often work in small groups to complete projects and to prepare presentations.

There will be degree examinations in April/May.

Information for current students

The Current Students area of our website has information about getting help and advice as well as how to change degree, how to report Special Circumstances etc. It may be of interest to you.


I've immensely enjoyed studying Economics at the University of Edinburgh. It's such an inspirational environment that encourages academic excellence, cooperation, feedback and support throughout. My studies have also provided me with both the technical and soft skills necessary to secure a summer internship and a graduate job.

Andrea Schmidtova4th year Economics with Finance student