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Student testimonials

These are some of our students' thoughts on what it's like to study economics at the University of Edinburgh.

Testimonials from our students

I have never met anywhere such a vast range of diverse individuals so affectionately devoted to economics.

Edinburgh University has some student societies directly related to economics and financial disciplines. One can join the Edinburgh University Trading & Investment Club (EUTIC) and stay up-to-date with current trends in global markets. This society is very popular among economics students.

Studying Economics at Edinburgh University has given me an invaluable academic opportunity - participation in the International Exchange during 3rd year.

I have studied at UC, Los Angeles and spent a summer studying Economics at UC, Berkeley. I have learnt a lot about academic and social lifestyles in TWO countries and made some serious life-long friendships both in Edinburgh and in the USA.

Alex Gelbutovski

Attending the University of Edinburgh has proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. While the course structure is set up to encourage students to follow their own academic interests and act independently, professors and tutors are always available for advice and guidance. Furthermore, there are no limits to what an individual student can achieve at this University.

In my fourth year, I developed and ran a conference on current economic issues. Although there had never been a student-led conference like this before, the staff of the School of Economics provided encouragement and vital support to me all along the way. The Head of School even moderated the panel discussions.

Charles Covell

Studying Economics at Edinburgh offers the best of both worlds: a quality academic experience in an exciting and vibrant city.

The staff are accessible, the material fascinating and the skill set invaluable.

Karl Baumgarten

Studying Economics at the University of Edinburgh has been a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience. I have particularly enjoyed the opportunity of mixing modules from both the social sciences and natural sciences. I am deeply impressed by the support and encouragement shown by the faculty, and the friendly atmosphere generated by its staff.

Magnus Danemar

The course is of the same calibre as Oxbridge and LSE, but the people (both members of staff and students) are much friendlier, so there is always plenty of help around.

In 4 years you cover all aspects of Economics: from Game Theory to Econometrics, from Growth Theory to the Theory of Firm, and everything in the Honours years counts towards your final mark!

You will gain relevant skills, which will help you to get your dream job and will prepare you for further education if that is what you want to do.

Marina Gordon

Studying Economics and Politics at Edinburgh University has been a genuinely transforming life experience. I have been able to fully pursue my academic aspirations within the highly intellectual and stimulating university environment.

My lecturers have been truly inspiring people, who I will certainly remember for the years to come. The administrative staff at the university have always been the friendliest and the most supportive. If it wasn't for the Edinburgh University study abroad programme, I would have never spent that fantastic year at UPenn! I simply love everything about Edinburgh, and will really miss it when these beautiful university days come to an end.

Dochka Hristova

When studying Economics, the methods & analyses used to solve problems and understand economic models may seem exclusive to the subject. However, I feel that students can acquire this 'toolkit' and apply it to a wide range of issues outside of the field.

Carlo Olivari

The School of Economics offers great facilities, lecturers, guidance and opportunities to its students.

I am in the fourth year of my degree, studying for an MA (Hons) in Economics and Accounting at the University of Edinburgh and I feel that I have been well-prepared, with the right tools, to be able to make the jump from being a student to becoming a well-rounded young professional.

Itai Raveh

Studying Economics in Edinburgh has been a great experience for me. The Honours years have enabled me to study the courses I am most interested in, which very much helped me decide the area of specialization I want to go into. The Economics department staff have been the best - very helpful, very accommodating and very organized.

Denise Silfverberg