School of Economics

Hybrid Teaching

Information on hybrid teaching at the School of Economics

Please note that the following information regarding hybrid teaching and study arrangements only apply to Economics-run courses. Please contact the owning School if you have any questions regarding the hybrid teaching and study arrangements for any courses not run by Economics.

Coming to campus

Am I required to be in Edinburgh at the start of the year?

All students are expected to attend their studies in person, where possible and in line with government and public health guidelines. On-campus attendance is not mandatory for any student who is prevented from travelling, or where illness makes it unsafe for you to be on campus in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How do I tell the University whether I will be in Edinburgh or not?

All students will be asked to confirm your personal details through EUCLID before the start of the new year. As part of this process, you will be asked if you will be either:

  • coming to campus
  • studying off-campus but in the UK timezone
  • off-campus in another timezone

If your status changes during the semester, you should update this information. At present, this can be done via an online form, but you will be able to amend your status via MyEd in a few weeks. 

Is it okay for me to come to campus at some point during the first semester, or if I start studying online do I have to keep studying online for the entire semester? 

If you are not able to start the new year in Edinburgh, you should arrange to travel as soon as you are able. While you can complete the entirety of the first semester through online learning, you should come to Edinburgh to study on campus once you are able to. 

Please note: if you are studying with the University on a Tier 4 visa, please contact the Student Immigration Service, as there may be additional requirements involved in your return to the University.

What health and safety measures will be in place on campus?

The University is working hard to ensure all of our buildings are accessible and safe for your arrival in September. Please familiarise yourself with the health and safety measures listed on the University's website, which will be in place when you arrive and must be followed whenever visiting the University's campuses.

For more information, please see the Health and safety on campus section of this page.

What is hybrid teaching? 

How will lectures be delivered? 

Due to the impact of physical distancing on the University’s teaching rooms, all lectures will be delivered online, and made available via the course Learn pages. Lectures will be released weekly, and you should make sure to access them as soon as possible, and takes notes as normal. 

How will tutorials be delivered? 

Tutorials will either be delivered in-person, or online.

In-person tutorials will take place on-campus in teaching rooms. These rooms will be lecture theatres and other spaces that are large enough to allow a group of students and the tutor to be in the room whilst observing the 2m physical distancing guidance set by Scottish government. Both staff and students must observe these guidelines whenever on campus, and particularly during teaching sessions. We would like to note that the University strongly encourages both students and staff to wear face masks while inside University buildings.

We expect that online tutorials will be held via Collaborate, the virtual classroom system built into Learn. Online tutorials, like in-person tutorials, will be timetabled, and you will be expected to attend your assigned tutorial group session as usual.

The way tutorials are run will not differ between in-person and online sessions. You will still be expected to prepare for each session, and taken part in group discussions, exercises, and everything else you would ordinarily expect from a tutorial. Attendance will be recorded during tutorials as normal. 

What about lab groups and other teaching activities?

As with lectures, it is likely that labs, helpdesks, and other sessions will have to be held through Collaborate or other online meeting systems. The details for each of your courses will be set out in the course handbooks.

Will teaching sessions be recorded? 

We expect that lectures will, in the main, be pre-recorded and released at a certain time each week. Some lecturers may choose to deliver their lectures "live" - i.e. they will be streamed, rather than pre-recorded - but these will also be recorded.

As a general rule, tutorials and other teaching that takes place "live" will not be recorded.

How can students work together during hybrid teaching?

Outside of in-person tutorials and other teaching, you are responsible for your own conduct, and you should follow the Scottish government’s guidance on physical distancing and meeting in groups. 

If you would like to arrange video calls with other students, you can use whatever online system you prefer.  There is a University-wide Zoom license if you would like to use that system. Please go to the University's Information Services website for details on how to use Zoom with your University login, and for important instructions on how to use Zoom. Please note that the University does not recommend the use of Zoom if you will be discussing confidential matters.

Some courses may also use Learn discussion boards and/or Microsoft Teams to facilitate group discussion.

How will I be assessed during hybrid teaching?

How will in-course assessments be affected by the pandemic?

Course Organisers may adjust their assessment structures to take into account the challenges created by the current situation. The details of each courses’ assessment will be set out in the course handbook, which will be published via Learn before the start of the semester.  

How will degree exams be held in December? 

During the April/May 2020 exam period, the School successfully ran all of its Honours exams online, through what is called an "x+1" format. Under this format, students have the normal amount of time to complete an exam (x), plus one hour in which to submit your exam script through Learn. Exam answers are hand-written, and we ask all students to scan their answers with a smartphone app or scanner for submission. Detailed instructions on how to do this will be released via your course Learn pages well in advance of the December exam, and you will be required to carry out a practice submission before the exam diet begins to make sure you are able to complete the submission process.

Exam papers held through the "x+1" format are open-book - that is, you will be able to refer to notes and textbooks (but not other students) while writing your exam answers. Course Organisers will take this into account while preparing their exam questions.

More details about the exams for each of your courses will be released during the semester. 

What will be open on-campus?

Will the School of Economics building be open? 

It is very unlikely that the School’s building will be accessible to students, at least at the start of the semester. We have been asked to encourage students to get in touch with your Personal Tutor, the student support team, and all other School staff via online means in the first instance (please see the "Get in touch with the School" section of this page for details). While it may be possible to book in-person meetings with members of staff during the semester, it is likely that we will not be able to offer any in-person drop-in services from our building.  

Will the Library be open?

The University is working to reopen libraries and other study spaces as part of the phased reopening of buildings.  We hope that it will be open, in some form, for the start of the year.   You can check the Library Updates page for more information.

What study space will be available on-campus? 

The University has made some study space available in specific areas of the University’s campuses, for example in the Main Library in George Square. There are particular arrangements you will need to follow in order to use these spaces - a website and a booking form have been created to give you more information.