School of Economics

Years 3 & 4 (Honours)

The last two years of your economics degree offer opportunity for deeper study of essential themes learned in the first two years.

Year three

You will study:

  • Topics in Microeconomics
  • Essentials of Econometrics
  • Topics in Macroeconomics
  • Applications of Econometrics
  • Two honours option courses

Year four

You will study the equivalent of four honours option semester-length courses and complete your 10,000 word dissertation.

I came to Edinburgh straight after my baccalaureate in France and I’m glad I made that decision! An undergraduate degree in Scotland has the advantage of allowing you to study three different academic subjects in the first two years… One of the options I chose was Development Economics and I enjoyed the course enough to have completed a PhD in that field!

Tom FlochelPhD Economics