School of Economics

Years 1 & 2 (pre-honours)

Your undergraduate degree in economics will cover a comprehensive range of subjects, equipping you for further study and professional life.

Undergraduate students

Year one

You will take:

  • Economics 1
  • Two further courses

If you are studying single honours Economics, you will take two further courses in outside subjects of your own choice.

If you are studying joint honours Economics, then you will take two other courses, one of which will be in your second subject.

You can download a sample of a first year student's timetable below.

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Year two

  • Economics 2
  • Statistical Methods for Economics

If you are studying single honours Economics, you will take one further course in an outside subject of your own choice or you could choose to take one (or both) of our 2nd year Economics option courses:

  • Issues in Global Economics

This course illustrates the usefulness of economic analysis in a global context.

  • Research Frontiers and Methods in Economics

This course aims to expose students to a wide range of topics that can be studied through the lenses of Economics, and to the research carried out at the School of Economics, and to develop students' essay-writing skills in preparation for future years of study.

If you are studying joint honours Economics then you will take a course in your second subject although you may have enough time to take one of our option courses.