Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics

SGPE PhD Summer School - Difference-in-Differences

The Summer School provides an opportunity to discuss the econometric methodologies associated with two popular research designs that use repeated cross-sections and panel data: the difference-in-differences design and the synthetic control design. It will bring the participant up to the cutting edge of how to handle complex situations like the inclusion of covariates and differential timing.


Sunday 28th - Tuesday 30th May 2023



Scott Cunningham

Ben H.Williams Professor of Economics

Baylor University



University of Stirling



This Summer School is intended primarily for PhD students conducting research in economics and in other disciplines within the Social Sciences. Staff are also welcome to attend.


Assumed Prior Knowledge

Participants are expected to have good knowledge of statistics or econometrics (demonstrated as successful completion of at least one post-graduate level course on the topic) and basic understanding of computer programming practices.

Prior exposure to the Stata system for statistical analysis is necessary.


Further information, including course fees and accommodation, is available in the below prospectus.



Applications can be made through the below link. The deadline for applications is Friday 19th May 2023.

SGPE PhD Summer School 2023 Application Form