Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics

SGPE PhD Summer School - Machine Learning for Economists

The Summer School aims to provide a structured and up-to-date introduction to Machine Learning for economists and other social scientists. The aim of the workshop is to convey an understanding of fundamental concepts, but also to equip students with the necessary skills to apply methods from the ML toolbox.


August 10-12, 2022



Achim Ahrens

PhD Post-Doc and Senior Data Scientist

Public Policy Group & Immigration Policy Lab

ETH Zürich



University of St Andrews

School of Economics and Finance, Castlecliffe, The Scores, St. Andrews



This Summer School is intended primarily for PhD students conducting research in economics and in other disciplines within the Social Sciences.



Assumed Prior Knowledge

Participants are expected to have good knowledge of statistics or econometrics (demonstrated as successful completion of at least one post-graduate level course on the topic) and basic understanding of computer programming practices.






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