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Academics at the School of Economics regularly publish research in leading journals. Here we list highlights of the recently published materials.


Communal land and agricultural productivity

  • Jan Grobovsek (University of Edinburgh) and Charles Gottlieb (University of St. Gallen)
  • online print available in Journal of Development Economics
  • -DOI 10.1016/j.jdeveco.2018.11.001

Scotland’s “Middling” Productivity: An International Perspective

The aggregate effects of labor market frictions

  • Mike Elsby (University of Edinburgh), joint with Ryan Michaels (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) and David Ratner (Federal Reserve Board)
  • Quantitative Economics (Accepted/in press - 16 October 2018)
  • Abstract

Distortions, misallocation and the endogenous determination of the size of the financial sector

  • Jose Rodriguez Mora (University of Edinburgh) and Christian Bauer (LMU Munich)
  • Economic Journal (Accepted in press October 2018)

  • Abstract

Estimating US consumer gains from Chinese imports

  • Liang Bai (University of Edinburgh) and Sebastian Stumpner (Université de Montréal and Banque de France)
  • American Economic Review: Insights (Accepted/in Press 28 Sept 2018)

  • Abstract

Revisiting the effects of unemployment insurance extensions on unemployment: A measurement-error-corrected regression discontinuity approach

  • Steven Dieterle  (University of Edinburgh), joint with Otavio Bartalotti (Iowa State University) and Quentin Brummet (NORC at the University of Chicago)
  • American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (Accepted/in press 25 Sept 2018)

  • Abstract


The gains from economic integration

  • Jose Rodriguez Mora (University of Edinburgh) and David Comerford (University of Strathclyde)
  • Economic Policy (Accepted/In press - 25 Sep 2018)

  • Abstract

Providing advice to job seekers at low cost: An experimental study on on-line advice

  • Philipp Kircher (University of Edinburgh), Michele Belot  (University of Edinburgh) and Paul Muller (University of Gothenburg)
  • Review of Economic Studies  (Accepted 28 August 2018)

  • Abstract

Globalization and the Skilled City


Bidding for talent in sport

  • Roberto Burguet ( University of Central Florida ) and Jozsef Sakovics (University of Edinburgh)
  • Economic Inquiry (Published 4 December 2018)
  • Abstract

Fixed Adjustment Costs and Aggregate Fluctuations

  • Michael W. L. Elsby (University of Edinburgh) and Ryan Michaels (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)
  • Journal of Monetary Economics (July 2018)
  • Abstract

Costly Pretrial Agreements

  • Leonardo Felli (LSE and University of Edinburgh), Luca Anderlini (Georgetown University) and Giovanni Immordino(CSEF and Universita di Napoli Federico II)
  • Journal of Legal Studies (July 2018)
  • Abstract

Liquidity, Business Cycles, and Monetary Policy

  • Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton University)
  • John Moore (University of Edinburgh)
  • Journal of Political Economy, Accepted/In press - Jun 2018
  • Abstract


Inequality Indices as Tests of Fairness

  • Andy Snell (University of Edinburgh), Ravi Kanbur (Dyson School and Economics Department, Cornell University)
  • Economic Journal (June 2018)
  • Abstract

Downward real wage rigidity and equal treatment wage contracts: Theory and evidence

  • Andy Snell (University of Edinburgh), Jonathon Thomas (University of Edinburgh), Heiko Stuber (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
  • Review of Economic Dynamics (July 2018)
  • DOI 10.1016/

Priorities in School Choice: The case of the Boston mechanism in Barcelona

Are People Equally Other-Regarding When Selecting a Match vs Choosingan Allocation?

  • Michele Belot (EUI/University of Edinburgh) and Marcel Fafchamps (StanfordUniversity)
  • Southern Economic Journal (April 2018)
  • DOI: 10.1002/soej.12267

Stochastic Stability of Monotone Economies in Regenerative Environments

  • Jonathan Thomas (University of Edinburgh), Tim Worrall (University of Edinburgh), Sergey Foss (Heriot-Watt University) and Seva Shneer (Heriot Watt University) 
  • Journal of Economic Theory, volume 173, pages 334-360
  • DOI:
  • Available here

Friends without benefits? New EMU members and the 'Euro Effect' on trade

  • Robert Zymek (University of Edinburgh and CESifo), Alina Mika (European Central Bank)
  • Journal of International Money and Finance , volume 83 , pages 75-92
  • DOI: http://10.1016/j.jimonfin.2018.02.001%20

Dynamic relational contracts under complete information

Bias in Returns to Tenure when Firm Wages and Employment Comove: A Quantitative Assessment and Solution


Economic growth with institutional saving and investment

  • Donald George (University of Edinburgh) 
  • Review of Political Economy (in press) 

How does retirement affect health care expenditures? Evidence from a change in the retirement age

  • Aniko Biro (University of Edinburgh) and Peter Elek (Eötvös Loránd University)
  • Health Economics (Forthcoming) 
  • DOI: 10.1002/hec.3639

Unemployment and econometric learning

Rational Inattention Dynamics: Intertia and Delay in Decision-Making

Competitive Foreclosure

Correlating Social Mobility and Economic Outcomes

  • Maia Guell (University of Edinburgh), José V. Rodríguez Mora (University of Edinburgh), Michele Pellizzari (University of Geneva) and Giovanni Pica (University of Milan)
  • Economic Journal (in press) 
  • Available here

Development Accounting with Intermediate Goods

Long-term unemployment and the Great Recession: Evidence from UK stocks and flows

Asymmetry of individual and aggregate inflation expectations: A survey

Competing with Asking Prices

  • Ludo Visschers (University of Edinburgh), Benjamin Lester (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) and Ronald Wolthoff (University of Toronto)
  • Theoretical Economics, volume 12, pages 731-770
  • DOI:
  • Available here

Bertrand and the long run

Firm Wage Differentials and Labor Market Sorting: Reconciling Theory and Evidence


How long has this been going on? Long-term unemployment in the UK

  • Mike Elsby (University of Edinburgh), Jennifer C Smith (University of Warwick) and Jonathan Wadsworth (London School of Economics)
  • Long-Term Unemployment After the Great Recession: Causes and remedies, CEPR Press 
  • Available here

The Early Origins of Birth Order Differences in Children’s Outcomes and Parental Behavior

A Simple Diagnostic to Investigate Instrument Validity and Heterogeneous Effects when using a Single Instrument Labour Economics

Gender Differences in Reactions to Feedback and Willingness to Compete

Incentives and Children's Dietary Choices: A Field Experiment in Primary Schools

Public-private sector interactions and the demand for supplementary health insurance in the United Kingdom

Culture, Work Attitudes and Job Search: Evidence from the Swiss Language Border

Do personality traits affect productivity?: Evidence from the lab

Differences between subjective and predicted survival probabilities and their relation to preventive care use

The Cognitive Effects of Micronutrient Deficiency: Evidence from Salt Iodization in the United States

  • Dimitra Politi (University of Edinburgh), James Feyrer (Dartmouth College and NBE) and David N. Wei (Brown University)
  • Journal of the European Economic Association (in press)
  • Available here

Partner Selection into Policy Relevant Field Experiments

Gender and the business cycle: an analysis of labour markets in the US and UK

Marginal Subsidies in Tullock Contests


Is a policy of free movement of workers sustainable?

  • Tim Worrall (University of Edinburgh) and Pierre Picard (University of Luxembourg)
  • Scandinavian Journal of Economics,  2015
  • Available here

An Exploratory Study of Creativity, Personality and Schooling Achievement

  • Noemi Berlin (University of Edinburgh), Jean-Louis Tavani (Université Paris 8, Laboratoire Parisien De Psychologie Sociale) and Maud Beasancon (Université Paris X)
  • Journal Education Economics, 03 November 2016
  • Available here

Perceiving prospects properly

  • Jakub Steiner (University of Edinburgh) and Colin Stewart (University of Toronto)
  • American Economic Review, 2016
  • Available here

How private is private information? The ability to spot deception in an economic game

Tractable Consumer Choice

  • József Sákovics (University of Edinburgh) and Daniel Friedman (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Theory and Decision, 79(2), 333-358 (2015)
  • Available here

Search and Learning in Markets

The Extent and Cyclicality of Career Changes: Evidence for the U.K.

  • Ludo Visschers (University of Edinburgh), Carlos Carillo Tudela (University of Essex, CESifo and IZA), Bart Hobijn (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco) and Powen She (University of Essex)
  • Journal European Economic Review, 2015
  • Discussion Paper No. 246

Matching, sorting, and the distributional effects of international trade

  • Philipp Kircher (University of Edinburgh), Gene M Grossman (Princeton University) and Elhanan Helpman (Harvard University and CIFAR)
  • Journal of Political Economy, 2015
  • Available here

Cognitive Discrimination - A Benchmark Experimental Study

  • Michele Belot (University of Edinburgh)
  • Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics, 2015
  • Available here

A Circular Economy Model of Economic Growth

  • Donald George (University of Edinburgh), Brian Chi-ang Lin (National Chengchi University) and Yunmin Chen (Academia Sinica)
  • Environmental Modelling & Software, 2015
  • Available here

Class-size Reduction Policies and the Quality of Entering Teachers

Money Cycles

  • Andrew Clausen (University of Edinburgh) and Carlo Strub (University of St Gallen)
  • International Economic Review, 2015
  • Discussion Paper 249

Price Distortions under Coarse Reasoning with Frequent Trade

  • Jakub Steiner (University of Edinburgh) and Colin Stewart (University of Toronto)
  • Journal of Economic Theory, 2015
  • Available here

Did the junk food tax make the Hungarians eat healthier?

  • Aniko Biro (University of Edinburgh)
  • Journal 'Food Policy', 2015
  • Available here

Marriage as a Rat Race: Noisy Pre-Marital Investments with Assortative Matching

  • Ed Hopkins (University of Edinburgh) and V. Bhaskar
  • Journal of Political Economy, 2015, p. 1-38

Efficient Competition through Cheap Talk: The Case of Competing Auctions

  • Philipp Kircher (University of Edinburgh) and Kyungmin Kim (University of Iowa)
  • Journal Econometrica, 2015
  • Available here

Efficient Firm Dynamics in a Frictional Labor Market

  • Philipp Kircher (University of Edinburgh) and Leo Kaas (University of Konstanz)
  • American Economic Review, 2015
  • Available here

Directed Search over the Life Cycle

  • Ludo Visschers (University of Edinburgh), Guido Menzio (University of Pennsylvania and NBER) and Irina Telyukova (University of California at San Diego)
  • Journal "Review of Economic Dynamics", 2016
  • Discussion Paper

Educational spillovers and parental migration

The Spillover Effects of Monitoring: A Field Experiment

  • Michele Belot (University of Edinburgh) and Marina Schröder
  • Management Science, Vol. 62, p. 37-45
  • Discussion Paper

A comprehensive comparison of students and non-students in classic experimental games

  • Michele Belot (University of Edinburgh), Raymond Duch and Luis Miller
  • Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, February 2015
  • Available here

Factor Proportions and the Growth of World Trade

  • Robert Zymek (University of Edinburgh)
  • Journal of International Economics, Volume 95, Issue 1, pp. 42–53
  • Available here

Wage Adjustment in the Great Recession and Other Downturns: Evidence from the United States and GB

  • Mike Elsby, D Shin and Gary Solon
  • Journal of Labor Economics

Confidence and competence in communication

On the Importance of the Participation Margin for Labor Market Fluctuations

  • Mike Elsby, Bart Hobijn and Ayşegül Sahin
  • Journal of Monetary Economics
  • Available here

Unemployment Risk and Wage Differentials

  • Ludo Visschers (University of Edinburgh) and Roberto Pinheiro
  • Journal of Economic Theory, January 2015, Vol. 157, p. 397-424
  • Available here
  • Authors' version

Meeting Technologies and Optimal Trading Mechanisms in Competitive Search Markets

  • Ludo Visschers (University of Edinburgh), Benjamin Lester and Ronald Wolthoff
  • Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 155, pp. 1-15
  • Available here
  • Authors' version

The Informational Content of Surnames

  • Maia Güell (University of Edinburgh), José V. Rodríguez Mora (University of Edinburgh) and Christopher I. Telmer
  • The Review of Economic Studies, December 2014, 82 (1)
  • Available here


The U-shapes of Occupational Mobility

  • Philipp Kircher (University of Edinburgh), Frane Groes and Iourii Manovskii
  • Review of Economic Studies, October 2014, Vol. 82, Issue 2, p. 659-692

Parental Leave and Mothers` Careers: The Relative Importance of Job Protection and Cash Benefits

  • Andreas Steinhauer (University of Edinburgh), Analia Schlosser, Rafael Lalive, and Josef Zweimuller
  • Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 81, Issue 1, p. 219-265
  • Available here

How do Principals Assign Students to Teachers?

  • Steven Dieterle (University of Edinburgh), Cassandra M. Guarino, Mark Reckas,e and Jeffrey Wooldridge
  • Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, July 2014, Vol. 34, Issue 1, p. 32-58

  • Available here

Price formation in a matching market with targeted offers

  • Jozsef Sakovics (University of Edinburgh)
  • Games and Economic Behavior, May 2014, Vol. 81, p. 161-177

  • Available here

Cycles and Instability in a Rock-Paper-Scissors Population Game: A Continuous Time Experiment

  • Ed Hopkins (University of Edinburgh), Timothy N. Cason, and Daniel Friedman
  • Review of Economic Studies, January 2014, Vol. 81, Issue 1, p. 112-136
  • Available here


Determinants of H1N1 vaccination uptake in England

  • Aniko Biro (University of Edinburgh)
  • Preventive Medicine, August 2013, Vol. 57, Issue 2, p. 140-142

  • Available here

Precautionary Demand for Money in a Monetary Business Cycle Model

  • Ludo Visschers (University of Edinburgh) and Irina Telyukova (UCSD)
  • Journal of Monetary Economics, 2013, Vol. 60, Issue 8, p. 900-916
  • Available here

Eliciting Information from a Large Population

  • Kohei Kawamura (University of Edinburgh)
  • Journal of Public Economics, July 2013, Vol. 103, p. 44-54
  • Available here

On the Difference Between Social and Private Good

  • Philipp Kircher (University of Edinburgh), Sandra Ludwig and Alvaro Sandroni
  • B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, June 2013, Vol. 13, Issue 1, p. 151-177
  • Available here

Discount rates and the education gradient in mammography in the UK

  • Aniko Bíró (University of Edinburgh)
  • Health Economics, January 2013, Vol. 22, Issue 9, p. 1021-1036
  • Available here

Two Studies on the Interplay between Social Preferences and Individual Biological Features

  • Santiago Sánchez-Pagés (University of Edinburgh) and Enrique Turiegano
  • Behaviour, 2013, Vol. 150, p. 713-735
  • Available here

An indirect detrimental effect of non-discrimination clauses

  • Kohei Kawamura (University of Edinburgh) and József Sákovics (University of Edinburgh)
  • Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2014, Vol. 61, Issue 5, p. 487-501
  • Discussion Paper No. 221
  • Available here

Revealed cardinal preference

  • József Sákovics (University of Edinburgh)
  • Economic Theory Bulletin, May 2013, Vol. 1, Issue 1, p. 39-45

  • Available here

Co-payments, gatekeeping, and the utilization of outpatient public and private care at age 50 and above in Europe

  • Aniko Bíró (University of Edinburgh)
  • Health Policy, June 2013, Vol. 111, Issue 1, p. 24-33
  • Available here