Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics

Mathematics Course

Dust off your Mathematics skills with our pre-SGPE Summer School self-study Mathematics Course.

Self study course in Mathematics

This pre-SGPE Summer School self study course in Mathematics is designed to help dust off your math skills with the help of the software, videos, and problem sets from Khan Academy. The curriculum is designed for you to move at your own pace, although with the expectation that you will be able to devote roughly 2 hours a day to studying.

The course guide is made up of eight modules containing outlines, tasks, problem sets and recommended videos that cover both pre-calculus and calculus. The questions in each problem set will be adapted from the Schaum’s guide, with special emphasis given to problems with economic content.

Quizzes and exam papers

You can access the problem sets, answers, and past exams via the link below.

SGPE Summer School quizzes, past exam papers, and solutions

Summer School students will sit a Mathematics exam on the first day of Summer School which will count 20% towards their Progression onto the MSc.