Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics

Eligibility and sign-up forms

Information on eligibility and how to sign up to the SGPE's Residential Conference 2018.

SGPE MSc students

MSc students will be informed of the requirements to register for Crieff at a later date.

Travel and accommodation are provided by the SGPE.

SGPE PhD students

Normally only PhD students who are enrolled with one of the SGPE Partner institutions are eligible to be affiliated as an SGPE PhD.  PhD students who are not members of the SGPE must apply to join beforehand, usually by October in the year before the conference. The deadline for joining as an affiliate for the 2019 conference is the 2nd of November 2018.

Attendance at the conference is required of all SGPE PhDs who are not in their fourth/writing-up year, or beyond. Affiliated PhD students in their fourth/writing-up year are welcome to attend, but this is optional.  The link below allows you to sign up for the conference, and to provide us with details of your paper for the discussant.  Please complete registration by the 30th of November.  We may not be able to guarantee your accommodation or a discussant if you submit after this date.

SGPE Conference PhD Registration Form

All travel, room and board expenses are covered by the programme. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the conference.  To claim reimbursement please complete the form below and post it to the office with your receipts.


SGPE Staff

SGPE staff will receive an email in November with details of how to sign up for the conference. Staff are required to sign up by the 30th of November.  If you sign up after this date, you may still attend as a day delegate but we may not be able to guarantee your accommodation. At the conference you will be expected to act as a discussant to PhD students from another SGPE University (not your own). 

Travel, room and board for SGPE staff is covered by the programme. Spouses and family are welcome to attend but their expenses will not be covered (details of the extra costs are included in the registration information).  You are welcome to extend your stay beyond the Thursday and Friday, to do this we recommend that you contact Crieff Hydro directly to make a reservation with them.