Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics

Fees and funding

Information about fees, cost of living information and scholarships for outstanding applicants.


In 2019/20, the fees for MSc Economics and MSc Economics (Econometrics) will be £10,700 for UK and EU citizens and £21,600 for non-EU students.  The MSc Economics (Finance)  fees will be £12,300 for UK and EU citizens and £22,600 for non-EU students.

Fees for the upcoming academic year are published on the Scholarships and Student Funding Service website.

Postgraduate tuition fees

If you are unsure of whether you will be considered a UK/EU or overseas student, please check your fee status.

Determine your fee status

Living costs

Up-to-date information on the cost of living in Edinburgh is available from the Edinbrgh Global.

Costs of living in Edinburgh


All students are responsible for securing funding for their study.

Outstanding applicants may wish to apply for a scholarship from the University of Edinburgh or an outside source, please see below.

University of Edinburgh Scholarships

Several highly competitive scholarships are offered by the University for the Masters.

Postgraduate scholarships at the University of Edinburgh

SGPE Fee Discounts

The University of Edinburgh offers fee discounts of up to 50% to students graduating from the participating SGPE universities with first-class honours in an economics degree with a substantial analytic content, applying for one of the SGPE MSc programmes. There is no separate application process for this discount, which is offered to outstanding applicants.

Masters Fee Discounts

The University of Edinburgh offers a limited number of fee discounts of up to 50% to students with a very strong academic background applying for one of the SGPE MSc programmes. There is no separate application process for this discount, which is offered to outstanding applicants.

Economics and Social Research Council

The University of Edinburgh is part of a consortium of 16 Universities in Scotland awarded funding from the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) to support postgraduate studentships and training in the Social Sciences in Scotland.

The SGPE is an Economics research training pathway for the ESRC studentships in Scotland. This studentship is suitable only for students who are planning to progress on to a PhD immediately after completing their MSc (known as the "1+3" award). SGPE institutions eligible to apply for ESRC funding have Pathway Representatives, and you should discuss an application with them before submission.

Please visit the University's Scholarship and Student Funding page for further details on eligibility and the application process.

ESRC PhD Studentships - Scholarships and Student Funding

Applicants must submit their application for the SGPE MESc programme by 10th December 2019.

Applicants put forward by the School are required to register on the SGSSS GradHub, complete the SGSSS Open Competition application form and upload it to GradHub by noon, 10th January 2020.

By the end of January, Pathway Representatives will consider and nominate applicants to move to the next stage of the competition. Nominated applicants will be asked to submit a full studentship application to the SGSSS by 12 February. Final funding decisions will be made by the SGSSS by early May 2020.

World Bank Graduate Scholarship Programme

The World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (WBGSP) supports graduate studies in subjects related to economic development. Each year, the Programme awards scholarships to students from World Bank member countries to undertake graduate studies at renowned universities throughout member countries. Details are available from their website.

World Bank Graduate Scholarship Programme

Postgraduate Loans

Loans are available for master’s degrees students with English residence and also for qualifying EU students.

Postgraduate Loans (PGL (England)

Masters Loans

Loans for Scottish Students

Postgraduate Loans (SAAS) (Scotland and EU) – Only students who undertake the MSc Economics (without a variant) are eligible for this loan.

Loans for tuition fees and living costs are available from SAAS for eligible Scotland domiciled and EU students

Postgraduate Loans (SAAS) (Scotland and EU)

Student Awards Agency for Scotland

Career Development Loans

These awards are available for British residents from major banks. More information.