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Economics at Dundee is dedicated to a tradition of excellence in research, scholarship and teaching.

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Academics from Economic Studies at the University of Dundee are involved in high-quality research. Research activities from staff have led to publications in internationally leading journals, successful grant applications and policy relevant impact cases.


The department was formally established within the university of Dundee since the latter’s independence from the University of St-Andrews in 1967. Economic Studies is currently part of the recently transformed School of Business.


Research at the University of Dundee focusses on policy relevant research such as Funeral Poverty, Health and Inequality, and the interaction between Education and Labour markets. The department has also academic publications in both areas of theoretical and applied economic research. Academics from the department have published in leading journals of agricultural economics, operations research and econometrics, labour economics and macro-finance. Academics have also received funded research from many organisations.

Research interests of staff are defined in the following areas:

  • Household inequality, Funeral Poverty and Care.
  • Relationship between Education and Labour Markets.
  • Development and application of modelling and measurement frameworks in Health.
  • Production, Efficiency and Productivity Measurement.
  • Trade and Unemployment.
  • Application of textual econometric techniques in derivation of sentiment measures.
  • Empirical Investigation of the Phillips Curve.

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