Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics


Economics at Dundee is dedicated to a tradition of excellence in research, scholarship and teaching.

 University of Dundee

The study of Economics as a serious enterprise goes back to the Dundee School of Economics, founded in 1931. Of the many distinguished economists who were members of the Dundee School, the most famous is Nobel Laureate, Ronald Coase.

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Research that supports teaching

Today, the department is committed to preserving that tradition of excellence in research, scholarship and teaching. The main focus is on applied economics and economic policy. Academic staff are all actively engaged in research in these areas and seek to enliven and inform their teaching through their own scholarship.

Economics research at the University of Dundee

World-leading staff

The University is proud of the success of our academic staff, many of whom have high international reputations. Many of the modern debates to which students will be exposed are those in which their teachers have made an active contribution.

Successful graduates

The University is equally proud of our graduates and postgraduates who have achieved success in many different walks of life, including the civil service, industry, finance and academia.

Economics Studies at Dundee