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About the Department of Economics and Health Economics Research Unit (HERU) at the University of Aberdeen.

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University of Aberdeen

The Economics department at the University of Aberdeen is an extremely active, lively, friendly and dynamic environment. It has roughly twenty members, plus a number of research fellows and assistants.

Postgraduate support

The department has a very successful record in PhD supervision. Postgraduate students are provided with office space and access to a desktop and they are fully integrated into all Economics department activities.

There is an annual one-day Economics PhD conference for students to showcase their work to all members of the department and externals attendees.

There is also an active seminar series in economics for external speakers, together with a more informal lunchtime workshop series for work in progress.

Economics PhD programme at the University of Aberdeen


The department’s research strengths are:

  • labour economics
  • health economics
  • experimental economics
  • energy economics

Other areas with active researchers include:

  • macroeconomic theory
  • microeconomic theory
  • economics of finance
  • agricultural economics
  • urban and regional economics
  • environmental economics

Centre for European Labour Market Research

The department’s strong tradition and interest in labour economics led to the launch of the Centre for European Labour Market Research (CELMR) in 2000. The centre provides a focus for those with an interest in labour economics. It also provides access to a wide variety of data sources plus a dedicated research assistant to assist in data manipulation and preparation. Members of the Centre have been extremely successful in attracting external grants.

Scottish Experimental Economics Laboratory

In 2007, the department opened the Scottish Experimental Economics Laboratory (SEEL), a dedicated state-of-the-art purpose-built computer laboratory with 28 terminals used by experimental economists as well as by researchers in other disciplines wishing to use experimental methods for their own work.

Petroleum economics

Given the location of Aberdeen, it is not surprising that the department also has a long tradition and interest in energy and petroleum economics in particular.

Health Economics Research Unit

The Health Economics Research Unit (HERU) at the University of Aberdeen is one of the leading units in health economics. It has been at the cutting edge of economic research into health for almost forty years. Research expertise includes economics of health behaviours, economics of the health workforce, and non-market valuation. More information about HERU’s areas of research can be found on HERU's website.  On the website you can also find comments from previous PhD students on their experiences of studying for their PhD in HERU.

Health Economics Research Unit website

Economics research at Aberdeen