Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics

Eight Scottish universities contribute to the SGPE

The SGPE is a collaborative venture between eight top Scottish universities.


King's College at the University of Aberdeen
About the Department of Economics and Health Economics Research Unit (HERU) at the University of Aberdeen.


Illustration of the Tay Bridge in Dundee
Economics at Dundee is dedicated to a tradition of excellence in research, scholarship and teaching.


Edinburgh skyline
The University of Edinburgh's world-leading School of Economics has a long and distinguished history.


A nineteenth-century illustration of the Trongate and Old Exchange in Glasgow.
The University of Glasgow's distinction in economics research is exemplified by their most famous student, Adam Smith, the founding father of Economics.


The Scottish inventor James Watt for whom Heriot-Watt University was named.
About the Heriot-Watt Department of Economics and the Centre for Economic Reform and Transformation.

St Andrews

Coastal view of St Andrews University in Fife.
The modern School of Economics at St Andrews University has a long history and is highly ranked today.


Wallace Monument and City of Stirling and Castle
The Economics Department at the University of Stirling provides a friendly, supportive environment for successful research and teaching.


University of Strathclyde Glasgow sign on their campus in central Glasgow.
The Department of Economics at Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow has around 25 research and teaching staff and enjoys a strong international reputation in research.