School of Economics

Applying with us

Advice on the steps you should take before applying and the application process, including the required documentation and deadlines.

Before you apply

Before submitting an application, we recommend you think carefully about the following:

  1. Ensure that you are qualified for the programme and that you meet the necessary entry requirements. 
  2. That you have a clear research topic in mind, one in which we offer supervision. We cannot admit anyone to our doctoral programme unless their research interests match those of a supervisor here.
  3. Have the necessary documentation outlined below.
  4. Contact to confirm your eligibility for the programme.

How to apply

Once you have considered the above, you can apply for our programme by visiting the University Degree Finder and selecting the 'Apply Now' button on the Economics PhD page.  You will be required to provide your personal information, an academic background together with supporting documentation. 

Supporting Documents

You will be required to provide supporting documentation at two stages of the application. Initially, we will require:

  • A transcript of your masters degree or other graduate study in economics, detailing the courses you have taken and the grades obtained
  • A degree certificate if you have completed your MSc study
  • A short research summary outlining your research interests and where you feel it will fit into our research programme
  • If applicable, an English language certificate from within the last two years

Should you be successful in providing the above information and it meets the required standard, we will contact you for further documentation: 

  • A copy of your MSc Dissertation where available and a research proposal. You will be required to provide evidence of your research capability in your chosen topic. You should be able to demonstrate critical thinking about the topic and have a good grounding in the available literature. 
  • A summary of the main micro, macro and econometrics courses you have taken, together with the main texts used. 
  • The details of two academic references, who would be willing to be contacted, if necessary. 

Detailed guidance is available within EUCLID at the beginning of your application, including directions for uploading documents. Please read this guidance carefully before you proceed further.

Application Deadlines

Our PhD programme does not have a fixed application deadline. We suggest applicants work towards guideline application deadline dates of 15 January, 31 March, 15 July (which are loosely related to scholarships).

Please note that we will accept applications and make offers outwith these deadlines. 

Once an application has been received, we aim to provide you with a decision within 28 days.