Prof Philipp Kircher

Philipp Kircher is Professor of Economics.

Prof Philipp Kircher

Professor in Economics

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Areas of interest
Macroeconomics labour
Microeconomic Theory
Resource Allocation in Markets with Search Frictions

Philipp Kircher's research is on the interface between macro, micro and labor economics. The two areas which interest him the most are: (1) how the job search process affects the labor market in terms of efficiency, unemployment, and wages; and (2) how two-sided heterogeneity of both workers and firms affects their interaction. Aside from these focus areas he has also worked on returns to status, on experiments on social preferences, on disease transmission, and recently on heterogeneity and search in international trade.

In recent work he analyzes the efficiency in search markets when workers apply for multiple jobs simultaneously. With two-sided heterogeneity his recent work shows how complementarities in production interact with matching frictions. And he considers how workers change the occupations in which they work.

Philipp studied economics at the University of Bonn and received his Ph.D. there in 2006. He previously held appointments at the London School of Economics, Oxford University and the University of Pennsylvania, was managing editor at the Review of Economic Studies, and is member of the board of the Review of Economic Studies and the council of the European Economic Association.

Recent Publications

  • Efficient Competition through Cheap Talk: The Case of Competing Auctions” with Kyungmin (Teddy) Kim, accepted at Econometrica.
  • Efficient Firm Dynamics in a Frictional Labor Market,” with Leo Kaas, accepted at American Economic Review
  • The U-Shapes of Occupational Mobility Feb 2014 (first draft 06/08) with Fane Groes and Iourii Manovskii. forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies
  • On the Difference Between Social and Private Good,” with S. Ludwig and A. Sandroni, B.E. Journals of Theoretical Economics, 2013 (13/1)
  • "On the Game-theoretic Foundations of Competitive Search Equilibrium," with M. Galenianos, International Economic Review, 2012 (53), 1-21
  • "Identifying Sorting – In Theory," with J. Eeckhout, Review of Economic Studies, 2011 (78), 872-906.
  • "Market Power and Efficiency in a Search Model," with M. Galenianos and G. Virag, International Economic Review, 2011 (52), 85-104.
  • "Sorting and Decentralized Price Competition," with J. Eeckhout, Econometrica, 2010 (78), 539–574.
  • "Sorting vs Screening – Search Frictions and Competing Mechanisms," with J. Eeckhout, Journal of Economic Theory, 2010 (145), 1354-85.
  • "Efficiency of Simultaneous Search", Journal of Political Economy, 2009 (117), 861- 913.
  • "Directed Search with Multiple Job Applications," with M. Galenianos, Journal of Economic Theory, 2009 (114), 445-471
  • "A Model of Money with Multilateral Matching," with M, Galenianos, Journal of Monetary Economics, 2008 (55), 1054-1066.
  • "Strategic Firms and Endogenous Consumer Emulation," with A. Postlewaite, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2008 (123), 621-661.

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