Prof Michèle Belot

Michèle Belot is Professor of Economics and Director of BLUE, the Behavioural Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh

Prof Michèle Belot

Professor of Economics

  • School of Economics

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Areas of interest
Applied labour economics
Behavioural Economics

Michele Belot's research is mainly empirical and in the area of behavioural and labour economics. Current projects are related to habitual behavioural (particularly in the context of diet), bounded memory and counterproductive behaviour in the workplace. Her work is based on various types of data; from traditional surveys to non-standard field data and data collected through controlled experiments in the laboratory


“Players of Matching Pennies Automatically Imitate Opponents’ Gestures Against Strong Incentives' (2013), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 110(8) (19 February 2013), 2763-2768”, with Vincent Crawford and Cecilia Heyes.

“Sloppy work, Lies and Theft: A Novel Experimental Design to Study Counterproductive Behaviour” (2013), Journal of Economic Behavior Organization 93, 233-38, with Marina Schrieder.

“Dating Preferences and Meeting Opportunities in Mate Choice Decisions” (2012), Journal of Human Resources, vol 48(2), 474-507, ), with Marco Francesconi.

"Beauty and the Sources of Discrimination (2012), Journal of Human Resources 47(3): 851–872, with V. Bhaskar and Jeroen van de Ven.

“Can Observers Predict Trustworthiness” (2012), Review of Economics and Statistics 94(1), 246-259, with V. Bhaskar and Jeroen van de Ven.

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