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An Evening with Robert Zymek: The US-China Trade War

Dr Robert Zymek is a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, a research associate at the CESifo Research Network, a visiting researcher at the Bank of England and the Executive Director of the MacCaLM research project. His research interests focus on international economics and macroeconomics. In his talk, Robert will use insights from recent research to explain why the US has a large trade deficit with China. He will give an overview of the state of US-China trade war, and illustrate its possible consequences for the Chinese and US economies.

'An Evening With’ is for students from the School of Economics, at all stages of their academic career. The lecture ‘Bilateral Trade Imbalances’ has never been given to students before so is a fantastic opportunity to hear research at the ‘front-lines’ of economics. This is also a social evening, a chance to enjoy drinks with students and staff from the School of Economics. The evening is part of the School Anniversary celebrations and is free to all.

The event is open and free to all, although the talk is aimed academically at students. Tickets are available here and on our Facebook page.

We're looking forward seeing you there!

Oct 15 2019 -

An Evening with Robert Zymek: The US-China Trade War

We hope you can join us on Tuesday 15 October at 19:00 in the Playfair Library for the next in the ‘An Evening with’ series: An Evening with Robert Zymek: The US-China Trade War.

Playfair Library