School of Economics

Graduations 2021

A very warm congratulations to our 2021 Summer Graduates.

Graduates 2021

The snows can keep us in the accommodation, the strikes can take away our lecture theatre, and the pandemics can stop us from the school, but nothing can stop us chasing our dreams, contributing our strength, and making the world a better place.

Remember how we have gone through those 16-choices MCQ, topics in microeconomics, those distributions and regressions, and the 10000 words dissertation? Remember the times we have forgotten to bring the coversheet to the tutorial or student card to the library? Remember the times we stay in library until morning with our friends to finish the essay or revise for exam?

Today, as we are celebrating for the finale of our undergraduate years, we are saying goodbyes to these challenging but happy, memorable moments. The wonderful times has passed, the extraordinarily unique 4 years has ended, and the new chapter of our life shall launch soon.

Zhenrui Wu and Xuefei Wang

We asked some of our recent graduates about their favourites memories of and favourite places in Edinburgh. 

One of my favourite memories at the School of Economics has to be EconPALS and the wonderful people it allowed me to meet! Even though it doesn’t happen all that often, enjoying the sun in one of the many green spaces in Edinburgh is my favourite place.

Maria João Pimenta

I have so many great memories on campus during four-years study. I am very grateful for every working staff in school of economics, thank you for your help and supports given and thank you for enduring my poor English for four years !

There are also many great places in Edinburgh where I have pleasant experiences with, like the Scottish parliament with very modern building or Stockbridge which is full of cosy cafes and restaurants, but my favourite place is the Main Library. Main Library might be the place where I spend the most hours with in Edinburgh except my accommodation, nearly every single day I will go to Main Library to study or take some book randomly to read. the big PC screens here are much better than the laptop in terms of reading papers, and the atmosphere help me to concentrate on works, providing chance to save us from procrastination especially people like me who lack self-discipline. I will miss the Main Library when I leave Edinburgh.

Yuxuan Wang

My favourite place in Edinburgh: I quite enjoy walking around the Salisbury Craigs. Unlike Arthur's Seat, it's a very short trek so you won't be tired, and the view is just as nice. This leaves you with a lot of energy left to appreciate the scenery and how beautiful the city of Edinburgh looks from up top. I also like how you can see a lot of important monuments from there too, like the university, Edinburgh Castle, and the National Monument on Calton Hill. I'll miss going for walks there for sure!

Wan adzhar faiq Bin Adzlan

My favourite memory from my time with the School is the GoAbroad Economics trip to Malaysia. My biggest personal achievement is forming lifelong friendships with my flatmates Jamie, Alasdair and Ross.

Lars Leimkuhler

My favourite memory is the GoAbroad trip to Morocco because it was a chance to get to know students and instructors, see a completely different economy, and try some amazing Avocado smoothies.

Luka Trnovsek