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Information for current students regarding computing within the School of Economics

Main Library

As well as the usual library facilities, the Main Library in George Square includes a café, open-access computer labs, café PCs and group study pods.

Open Access Computer Labs

There are a number of open-access computer labs provided by the University across the various campuses. Information on these can be found here.

Economics Study / Computing Labs

We have two labs located in rooms 4.18 (BLUE Lab) and the basement of 30 Buccleuch Place. The Basement labs are for the exclusive use of students enrolled on our SGPE Masters program.  The BLUE Lab is available to our students when not being used for Teaching or Research, you can check if it is free on the calendar here. The door lock code for the lab is available from the School Reception at 30 Buccleuch Place. The BLUE Lab is open 24 hours, 7 days a week and the building is accessed using your university card and pin number. Please note that food and drink (other than water in a closed container) is not allowed in any labs.

Logging On

Log on to University computers using your matriculation number, eg. s1234567 and associated password set on your first login. Remember to log off when you are finished.

Computer Familiarisation

Computer drop-in clinics, welcome week sessions and a "Making the Most of IT" presentation will be run over the beginning of semester; if further clinics/courses run during the year you will be alerted by e-mail or through event announcements in MyED.

Data Storage & Office 365

It is recommended that you use your network or University Office 365 OneDrive space to save important files.  You can access this file space from any lab computer on campus in addition to your own computing and portable devices. We advise you not to rely on memory sticks, hard disks or even your laptop as your sole medium of storage. Damage or loss of a device may lead to work being irretrievably lost, we recommend that you make regular encrypted backups or synchronise your work using OneDrive to avoid data loss.

Storage Quotas:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Taught) students are allocated 2 Gigabytes of Network Storage and 1Terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage Postgraduate Research students are allocated 500 Gigabytes of Network Storage in addition to 1Terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage

Requests for additional Network Storage will be considered on a case by case basis, please make your request by email to the School Technical Support team initially.

Office 365

As a student you can take advantage of our Microsoft Office 365 Subscription which entitles you to install Office 365 on up to 5 devices in addition to 1 Terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage and a host of other applications such as Delve and OneNote, many of which are available for mobile platforms including Android and iOS. 


Access to e-mail is provided through MyEd or directly in Office365. You have a default e-mail address of the form:

Please check your University e-mail frequently as this is our primary form of contact with you, it is assumed that you have received and will read any emails sent to your address. If your student email address is not working please contact the Central Infomation Services Helpline immediately.

IT Support

Your first call for IT Support should be to the Central Infomation Services Helpline available 24 hours .  Time critical or urgent IT support for PG Students is available from the Economics Technical Support team in room 1.01, 31 Buccleuch Place; please note we may refer you back to the Central IS Helpline if your inicident concerns a centrally managed service. For more information on School IT Services please visit our intranet site here.

Printing and Photocopying

There are various printers and copiers located throughout School at 30/31 Buccleuch Place and across the University Central Area, the University operates a "follow me" print system which allows you to collect your printing from any of our centrally managed printers, for full details on printing, copying and scanning please visit the Central IS pages here.  Newly matriculated Undergraduate and Masters students will have £4 free quota added to their print and copy balance at the start of their course, for more information on purchasing additional credit please visit the Print and Credit Copy pages here.

PhD students:

Printing is free for Economics PhD students. However, we would expect a reasonable limit to be the equivalent to 500 black and white A4 pages. We reserve the right to remove printing allowance from anyone who abuses their printing allowance.

Please print responsibly – store important information electronically where possible and print only when absolutely necessary. As a School we are committed to reducing our burden on the environment and are increasingly moving towards a paperless environment.


Laptop Loan Scheme - only available to PhD students

The School is pleased to be able to offer PhD students a laptop loan for the duration of their programme of study. Laptops can be requested from the Postgraduate Office. The laptops need to be purchased, configured and encrypted prior to being allocated, we would therefore ask you to allow up to 4 weeks for your request to be fulfilled.

School Short Term Equipment Loans

The School is able to offer students short term equipment loans for a maximum of 4 weeks during their programme of study. We have a small stock of loan equipment which includes Audio Visual equipment such as video and stills cameras and projectors in addition to tablets and laptops.  These can be requested from the Technical Support office in person, or by email:

Information & Data Security

Information Security and Data Protection is everybody's responsibility; we've provided information and links to resources here to help you understand how this affects you, identify threats and deal with them.  

You should take the time to acquaint yourself with our minimum recomended reading on the University's Information Security policies and ground rules as set out here.

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