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Special circumstances

If illness or personal problems/circumstances interfere with your studies, class attendance, assignment deadlines or exams, you should make sure you inform your Personal Tutor (PT) and the Student Support Officer (SSO) as soon as possible, and arrange to discuss the situation with him/her.

Illness, personal problems and special circumstances

If attendance at tutorials or classes is affected, you should also ensure that relevant instructors and the course secretary are informed (either directly by you or by your PT).

The University Special Circumstances Policy can be found here:

Information relating to illness or personal problems/circumstances should be sent to the Student Support Office. Please ensure that any communications clearly identify the course (e.g. Economics 1) and yourself, by giving your full name and matriculation number. Don’t rely on a doctor’s handwriting this is often difficult to read!

Special educational needs

If you have Special Educational Needs the primary person to discuss this with is your Personal Tutor. She or he will be able to put you in touch with relevant university bodies as well as pass relevant information on to lecturing and administrative staff. Since such information does not always get through in a timely fashion, it may be helpful (particularly if your needs concern teaching arrangements) to discuss your needs with your tutor, class instructor, or the Course Coordinator at the start of the course.

Students with disabilities

The University of Edinburgh is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for disabled staff and students and aims to create an environment which enables people with disabilities to participate fully in the mainstream of University life. The School of Economics welcomes disabled students (including those with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia) and is working to make all our courses accessible. Although teaching practice within the School reflects a variety of approaches adopted by individual staff members, meeting the particular needs of disabled students is prioritised within this diversity of approach.

The School encourages students with disabilities to discuss, in confidence, any appropriate requirements or adjustments with an appropriate member of staff and to do this as early as possible so that your needs may be considered and responded to.

This process will involve meeting an Advisor from University’s Student Disability Service, who will be happy to meet you and can discuss possible adjustments and specific examination arrangements with you, assist you with an application for Disabled Students’ Allowance, give you information about available technology and personal assistance such as note takers, proof readers or dyslexia tutors, and prepare a Learning Profile for your School which outlines recommended adjustments. You will be expected to provide the Student Disability Service with evidence of disability - either a letter from your GP or specialist, or evidence of specific learning difficulty. For dyslexia or dyspraxia this evidence must be a recent Chartered Educational Psychologist's assessment. If you do not have this, the Student Disability Service can put you in touch with an independent Educational Psychologist.

Please note that once your Learning Profile has been prepared by the Student Disability Service it will be used by the School to determine the adjustments applied to each course that you have registered for. This allows adjustments to be communicated directly to Course Organisers and eliminates any need for you to discuss the same issues with multiple members of staff.

The School of Economics will keep the needs of disabled students under regular review, and welcomes feedback from students as to the suitability of our provision of teaching and learning services to meet their particular needs.

For general information on the University’s support for disabled students and preparation of a Learning Profile please contact the Student Disability Service:


For information on how the adjustments are implemented within the School of Economics, or to provide feedback on the suitability of our provisions, please contact our Coordinator of Adjustments

Dr Tatiana Kornienko