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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A list of frequently asked questions

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What is a Personal Tutor?

Your Personal Tutor (PT) is a named member of academic staff, who will support you throughout your time at the University, giving you academic support and a route to pastoral support. Your PT’s name and contact details are listed in MyEd:

How do I enrol onto optional courses?

You can email the Student Support Team to request a course enrolment – – or if you need academic guidance, please contact your PT who can also complete your enrolment.

Can I change my course enrolments after week 2?

No, unfortunately the University regulations do not allow students to start new courses after the end of week 2.

Can I withdraw from a course after week 2?

Yes, at Pre-Honours level only, you can drop an additional credit course up until the day before the degree exam. Guidance from your PT is strongly recommended.

Will a withdrawn course appear on my academic transcript?

No, currently Student Records advise that the withdrawn course will remain on your University record but will not appear on your transcript.

Where can I find information on teaching start and end dates?

The University publishes Semester dates approximately 18 months in advance at:

How do I access course materials?

Most Schools use LEARN as a method of delivering course information and teaching materials and you can access this through your MyEd account.

How do I view my timetable?

You can view your personalised teaching timetable for the academic year via Office 365, enabling you to add them to your phone, computer or other devices. Make sure to check your calendar daily, as course and tutorial choice/changes will automatically update.

Can I choose my tutorial group?

Students are automatically allocated during week 1 of teaching to tutorials that fit their overall timetable.

Can I change my tutorial group?

If you wish to request a change to your allocated tutorial, the Group Change Request form can be found at:  Please note that not all requests can be accommodated but you should have a response within 2 working days.

Can I request a letter confirming my student status?

The University Electronic Document Service delivers a range of official documents in a secure electronic format. You can access this through MyEd via the Launch Self-Service button. 

How do I get an academic transcript?

The University Electronic Document Service as detailed above can provide an official University of Edinburgh Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).