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ESRC research grant

Transparency in Procurement: The design and use of information in trading mechanisms.

ESRC research grant

Start project: 1/1/2016

End: 31/12/2018

Prof József Sákovics (PI), Dr Ina Taneva, Dr Ludo Visschers (all at the University Edinburgh) and Prof Roberto Burguet (Institute for Economic Analysis (CSIC) are collaborating on this ESRC research grant. The project is in partnership with NHS Scotland.

Total value of the award is £777,621

Professor József Sákovics

Dr Ina Taneva

Dr Ludo Visschers

Professor Roberto Burguet

NHS Scotland

ESRC Rsearch Grant
From left to right: Prof. József Sákovics, Dr Ina Taneva and Dr Ludo Visschers

Our study of procurement mechanisms will bring the theory closer to the issues that are relevant in practice and it will use innovative methods of addressing the problem of designing the entire process of tendering, from the first call to the signing of the contract(s). We are particularly hopeful about making progress on the judicious design of the information released to the bidders. We expect to find new insights that are sufficiently general so that they can be applied - directly or indirectly - in a wide range of procurement contexts, both public and private. Thus, our results could, in principle, be beneficial to the Ministry of Defence, the NHS, a city council or even to British Telecom and its customers.

The actual result of innovations could be, in the first instance, a cost saving for the entity that sources the inputs as the consequence of more competitive bidding. Additionally, it could also lead to a more efficient match between buyer(s) and suppliers, taking into account the multi-faceted objectives of many buyers. In other words, the average gains to be shared between a buyer and the chosen seller(s) will increase. Such a result should potentially also encourage further, possibly relationship specific, investments from the part of the relevant suppliers, which could feed back and increase the gains from trade yet again.

NHS Scotland

Our partnership with NHS Scotland will be fundamental in achieving this objective. They will be both a source of practical experience and a test bed for our innovations

In partnership with NHS Scotland (Alison Brown)