School of Economics

Go Abroad: Malaysia

An update on the School’s recent Go Abroad trip to Malaysia.


In January 2019, a group of students from the School of Economics visited Malaysia with the Go Abroad Economics Scheme. As part of their trip they visited many institutions in Kuala Lumpur and had the opportunity to discuss the Malaysian economy with a number of members working in these organisations. Visited institutions included the Central Bank of Malaysia, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the World Bank (the Asian hub of the Research Group), the Malaysian Board of Palm Oil, the Ministry of Finance, Maybank, the think tank IDEAS and the Delegation of the EU to Malaysia.

MAlaysia team

The group were also fortunate to have tours of Kuala Lumpur and Malacca, and were able to visit the Kanching Waterfalls and the Batu Caves.


The Go Abroad scheme is an initiative giving our students the opportunity to experience and learn about economies in a new and exciting way. You can read more about previous trips here

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