School of Economics

Graduated between 2000 and 2009

This page contains biographies of some of our graduates from between 2000 and 2009.

If you would like to be included

If you would like to be included, please email your information and photographs to: If you are already featured and want to add or change something, just let us know at the same email address. Photographs can also be posted to School of Economics, University of Edinburgh, 31 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9JT.

Jennifer Reid

James Dowey

Mark Flanagan

Rowena Tozer

Catherine Villeminot

Fiona Blackley

Rodger Heeley

Randal Hemingway

Davina (Emma) Horton-Corcoran

Michael Houlihan

Megan Price

Yu Song

Francesco Falco

Roderick Fleming

Daniel Gay

Kathryn Grant

Graham Hay

Barbara Madaj

Michael A. S. Fox

Charles de Segundo

Thomas Singlehurst

Nick Fair

Jamie Hepburn

Hannah Parker (Clegg)

Gavin Scott