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What you need to know about student representation on quality-related committees, and support that is available.

Student representation

Effective student representation is a vital part of the University’s quality assurance and learning and teaching enhancement processes.

All courses have student representation via the class representatives scheme. Course Organisers for each non-Honours course core course request representation at the tutorial level. Tutorial group representatives elect from among themselves those students who are to act as representatives on the Staff Student Liaison Committee.

Junior and Senior Honours students each select representatives to membership of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee. Once members have been selected, early in the 1st semester, their names and contact details are available on through Learn. Volunteers attend the Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) class representative training.

The School of Economics communicates with its class representatives via email and meetings (usually towards the end of the semester).

Details of this scheme are available from the Programme Handbook which can be found on Learn.

Course feedback forms

At the end of each course, evaluation forms are distributed to all students on the course asking them to comment on features of that course, and any difficulties they may have had. This feedback is anonymous.

Further information about student representatives, including a role description, a list of class representatives, and advice on how academic staff can offer support, is available from the Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) website.

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Student support

Personal Tutors

You will be assigned to a member of academic staff who acts as your Personal Tutor.

Your Personal Tutor will give you academic advice on your degree programme and its requirements. They will also act as a pastoral adviser and you should feel free to contact them about anything that concerns you about your life while at the University.

While your Personal Tutor may not always be able to help you personally, they will be able to direct you to appropriate support. It is also very important that your Personal Tutor is aware of anything that may interfere with your studies.

Student Support Officers

In the absence of your Personal Tutor, the Student Support Officers (SSO) are able to sign up students for courses and to direct them to other appropriate personnel or agencies.

The SSOs are also responsible for the receipt of all medical and other documentation relating to special circumstances considerations.

Contact details for our Student Support Team

School of Economics Personal Tutoring Statement


There are several societies associated with the School of Economics.

University policy

The University has a policy on academic and pastoral support which is available to download from the Academic Services website.

University policy on academic and pastoral support