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Youth Strategy

Easter Bush Campus youth strategy: a place where young people thrive.

Youth strategy

NB: In line with the Investors in Young People Framework, the definition of a youth is those in employment between the ages of 16-28. PhD students in this age bracket are also included in this population.

Scale Scale of Activity Future Ambition
Provision of a professional student support service - Ongoing enhancement of the student support services is undertaken in order to meet accreditation standards and provide a high quality student experience. Ongoing all year. To maintain high student satisfaction levels and accreditation standards.
Modern Apprenticeships – Targeted at students aged 16 – 19 years of age, the placements are paid placements for 1-2 years. The majority of apprentices are paid on the UE01 scale to meet national living wage criteria. During placement the apprentices undertake a qualification in various topics such as IT Customer Service, Business Administration etc... On completion of their placement, the majority are employed in the Campus or University, or supported in finding employment externally. There are currently five apprenticeship schemes on the Campus: clinical receptionist, stable hands, IT helpdesk and digital communication. Veterinary Services also run an “apprentice style placement” scheme for vet nurses. To increase the apprenticeship schemes available by a further five schemes over the next two years: stores, quality, accounting, pathology and research imaging.
Career Ready Mentorships - A 2 year mentoring programme, which includes a 4 week work placement, for students entering 4th year at high school who primarily come from underprivileged backgrounds or from areas of the country with high deprivation. The Campus actively supports this programme in Midlothian. This scheme is in its first year in Midlothian, currently have 5 mentors from across the organisation to mentor students for a 2 year period.  We will continue to mentor 5 students per annum  on the Campus (i.e.: 10 students on the scheme given the 2 year term) and assist Career Ready expand this scheme across all schools in the Midlothian area.
Internships – a 12 week placement within the organisation for current students to provide valuable work experience in a relevant field of study. We offer a limited number of internship opportunities. The internships are all paid for a 12 week full time placement on UE03.  These have been very successful with students completing their courses greatly benefiting from their projects. We currently employ two internships per year via the University internship scheme. We have promoted the internship scheme to the operational teams, and hope to increase the opportunities available to at least four internships on an annual basis.
Provision of a Youth Forum – a representative body for all staff and students on the campus aged  16-28, with the aim of creating a platform for young people to express their view, improve awareness of help and training available, and facilitate improvements for the age group on the Campus. The Youth Forum has issued a youth survey and identified key areas of improvement, and instigated a “buddy” scheme. Evaluate success of “buddy” scheme,  promote forum and implement external activities through website and social media.
Participation in a variety of schemes to promote STEM opportunities  in the local community  - participation in Insights School Placement Scheme, Midlothian Science Festival and a wide variety of other public engagement activity to engage young people with the opportunities available in STEM. The public engagement activity covers a wide portfolio of work and is ongoing throughout the year.

Upon the opening of the Science Outreach Centre in 2017, there will be a more co-ordinated activity with the schools in Midlothian in STEM.

Ensure that our current portfolio of work is maintained and recognised. 
Provision of Mentoring Opportunities - to both young people employed on the Campus and staff who employ young people Participation in the University Mentoring Connections Programme is encouraged

Create more awareness of the Mentoring Connections Programme to young people and the benefits of the scheme.

Develop and provide a tailored mentoring programme for those who manage young people.