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Specified Pathogen Free Avian Facility - The Bumstead Building

A specified pathogen free unit to support avian research work.

Narf 2


June 2013 - October 2014

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End October 2014

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The Bumstead Building

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About the Bumstead Building

Birds will be kept in what is known as specific pathogen free (SPF) status. Initially eight inbred and two outbred Chicken lines currently maintained at The Pirbright Institute (Compton laboratories) will be housed in this new facility upon completion, late 2014. These SPF inbred and outbred lines have been studied for their susceptibility and resistance to avian pathogens and this work will continue with supply of SPF eggs generated from these chicken lines supplying researchers with this interest. In addition we will also generate transgenic chickens using these inbred lines to understand gene function in greater detail.

Nat Bumstead laid the foundations and played a major influential role in establishing worldwide research on the genome of the chicken. He was a leading geneticist and accomplished researcher at the UK Institute for Animal Health and a pioneer who saw the tremendous importance of understanding links between genes, immunity and resistance to infectious diseases. He carried out some of the first research with chickens to derive genetic maps of the genes that strongly influence their resistance to pathogens such as Salmonella and Marek’s disease virus and resistance to infectious diseases. The inbred chicken lines that Dr Bumstead studied throughout his research career will continue at NARF from 2014 where they will be housed in The Bumstead Building.