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Pathology Extension

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Pathology Extension

Funding strategy underway with early design stage

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We are currently in the process of developing the Centre for Comparative Pathology based in a new extension to the existing Veterinary Teaching building.

The University of Edinburgh and SRUC will jointly develop the new facility that builds on a successful century-old relationship between the two institutions. The new central laboratory offers further scope for scientific collaboration between The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (R(D)SVS) and Scottish Agricultural College Consulting Veterinary Services (SACCVS) staff, and enhanced learning opportunities and postgraduate students.

The creation of post-mortem facilities that also support teaching will allow R(D)SVS to take advantage of modern technology and better 3G and 4G networks and so increase its collaboration with veterinary practices that conduct their own post-mortem examinations.

Incorporating the Centre for Comparative Pathology

The extension will house the Centre for Comparative Pathology, the integrative study of human and animal disease biology to gain knowledge by comparing disease mechanisms across species and to use this for the benefit of human and animal health.

A wide range of cutting edge technologies is used across the Centre’s research to understand biology and pathological mechanisms of a broad range  of diseases.

With accredited facilities and training programmes the Centre is able to offer a large number of training opportunities to existing and new pathologists.

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