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Equine Diagnostic, Surgical and Critical Care Unit

Part of an ambitious capital programme to develop innovative large animal hospital facilities.


Equine Diagnostic, Surgical and Critical Care Unit

Under construction



Project value

Summer 2017

Expected completion date


The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies has embarked on an ambitious capital programme to develop innovative large animal hospital facilities to offer clinical, education and research support to the equine industry.

The Easter Bush Campus has the largest concentration of animal science and animal welfare related expertise anywhere in Europe, providing a dynamic and vibrant working environment equipped with the latest technologies. This philosophy allows us to continue to attract clinicians and scientists of the highest quality.

Centre for Health, Welfare and Rehabilitation of Racehorses

A key focus within the Equine diagnostic, surgical and critical care unit is provision for a Centre for Health, Welfare and Rehabilitation of Racehorses.

The clinical and research activities of the centre will cover all stages of the racehorse’s career. Education activities will focus on translation of science to easily distilled practical advice for the racing industry. The Centre also aims to develop support for horses after racing by working with trainers, owners and charities before horses are passed onto owners and/or rehoming centres; providing such roles as behaviour assessment, musculoskeletal evaluation and cardiorespiratory evaluation.

The new facilities will consist of four integral and connected parts

Diagnostics and Triage Area

A specialised area for evaluating and triaging emergency cases, e.g. horses with colic, severe lameness and synovial sepsis. Improved triaging of emergency admissions will allow movement of horses into and through the hospital at this critical stage by locating all emergency diagnostics directly adjacent to surgical and critical care areas, thus avoiding unnecessary movement of horses over the site.


Two state-of-the-art theatres with adjacent induction and recovery boxes, plus a new standing surgery suite.

The improved facilities for standing surgery (e.g. standing fracture repair, laparoscopy) will reduce the risk of complications associated with general anaesthesia, leading to faster recovery rates.

Critical Care Unit

A dedicated unit of 6 boxes for adult horses and neonatal foals which require intensive and/or perioperative care; with 24-hour video monitoring and an onsite laboratory.

The new unit with CCTV, convenient constant monitoring and increased number of ICU stalls will improve the care of our critical care cases, including medical and surgical colic, horses with confirmed or suspected fractures and new-born foals. Although new-born foals are a small part our caseload, we are one of only 2 hospitals in the northern UK with the facilities and the experience to evaluate, monitor and treat these cases- providing a valuable and unique training opportunity for veterinary students.

Support Hub

An area to:

  • Deliver on-site teaching in surgery, critical care and anaesthesia,incorporating surgery viewing and education area for students
  • Counsel and support clients
  • Provide facilities for clinicians and nurses to plan treatments
  • Encompass office and teaching facilities