Easter Bush Hub

Energy Centre & Campus Infrastructure (Phase 2)

Energy Centre - including biomass - and further improvements to the physical Campus infrastructure.


Energy centre

October 2012

Design phase started



£12m (Energy Centre)

project value

£4m (Campus Infrastructure - Phase 2)

project value

Energy Centre

Provision of an energy centre sufficient to provide the energy requirements of the university on the Bush estate (both Easter Bush and advanced computing facility)


Key Elements of the Campus Infrastructure Project (2013-18)

  1. Adoptable Roadways (circa £2.75m - £3.00m): A perimeter single carriageway, adoptable access ring road around the Campus. Built in section by need, in lengths of 0.5km-2.0km at a time. Part of this road is required for enabling works for the Energy Centre.
  2. Campus amenity hard and soft landscaping (circa £850k - £950k): Public realm feature landscaping, boulevard planting, points of interest, sculptures and Campus signage.
  3. A pedestrian link to the Gowkley Moss roundabout (circa £50k - £100k): A combined footpath and cycleway (possibly including a bridleway) providing access to wider public transport routes.
  4. A 10km running course (circa £50k): A track suitable for distance running both for everyday use and for large one off events.
  5. A farm track linking two of the University Farms (circa £300k - £500k): A single track roadway (with passing places) suitable for farm vehicles and for the occasional transportation of animals (predominantly cows and sheep) between farms.