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Conventional Avian Facility - The Greenwood Building

Dedicated laboratory and husbandry space to support avian research.


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January 2013-October 2013

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October 2013

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The Greenwood building

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About the Greenwood Building

This building has husbandry space for approximately 2500 birds. These birds, mainly chicken, will be kept in what is known as conventional facilities; flocks will be vaccinated in a similar fashion to that in a commercial setting.

In addition to the husbandry building there is also an experimental unit that provides accommodation for small numbers of birds undergoing experimental protocols such as altered diet, light regimens etc.

Adjacent to these experimental rooms is laboratory space dedicated to generation of transgenic chickens.

Alan Greenwood laid the foundations of avian research at the University of Edinburgh moving from Australia to Edinburgh in 1923 to begin a life-long career studying avian species. His PhD thesis (1925) was submitted in three papers, on sex studies in the fowl and on the growth rate in hypophysectomised axolotls, and were entitled Gonad grafts in embryonic chicks and their relation to sexual differentiation, Gonad grafts in the fowl, and The growth rate in hypophysectomised salamander larvae. Greenwood continued his investigations into the inheritance of productive qualities studying a variety of inbred brown leghorn lines that he developed through his work. In 1947 he founded and was the first Director of the Poultry Research Centre, Edinburgh from which The Roslin Institute can trace its lineage. Upon retirement the inbred lines that Dr Greenwood developed were intercrossed to form the J-line which continues to be studied at NARF today.