Easter Bush Hub

Childcare Facilities

More information about our £2.3m Arcadia childcare facilities for staff children.

Nursery montage


For further details and a sign-up form, please visit the Arcadia @ Easter Bush website.

The facility will provide:

  • Baby & Toddler Area (birth - 2 years): includes baby & toddler play, sleep and changing areas for 18 children
  • Tweenie Area (2 - 3 years): includes tweenie play and changing areas for 20 children
  • Pre School Area (3 - 5 years): includes play and quiet areas for 40 children
  • Soft Play Area: multi-functional hall for children of all age groups
  • Reception and other relevant facilities: includes reception, staff room, storage space, office and meeting room, entrance lobby with pram/buggy park, toilets, utility room and kitchen
  • An enclosed, secure external play area for children of all age groups

This project is essential due to the increased current and future demand for these facilities, as a result of the continued expansion of the Easter Bush Campus. It significantly meets Campus strategy by:

  • Providing facilities to underpin the world class clinical, research and education activities; the provision of such facilities allows the Campus to support its ambition of being a "beacon of good practice for women in science" these facilities assist both R(D)SVS and The Roslin Institute in enabling childcare elements of their Gold Athena SWAN action plan.
  • Providing facilities that will "create an environment where people can thrive" (key strategic theme in both student and HR strategy of the Campus); allowing us to attract and retain scientists, clinicians and students of the highest quality. The provision of childcare facilities provides staff and students with the necessary support required to enable them to develop and utilise their full potential in their role
  • Provides access to childcare facilities which enhances the "value proposition" available for future tenants and clients, which are an essential component of our Innovation Strategy
  • Collocating and replacing of ageing facilities; allowing us to honour our commitment with our strategic partners (BBSRC)
  • Allowing us to access and engage positively with the local community through the provision of an essential facility