Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question for us? Check out our list of FAQs.

Can you help with funding the workshop and/or transport costs?

Unfortunately we are unable to help with such costs, however, please note that our workshops are heavily subsidised by the Roslin Institute. We are also members of the STEM Directory, and there are bursaries available to visit us by applying here.


Can you come to our Careers Event?

We are delighted to hear that your school is having STEM careers event, but we are unable to attend such events. However, there are few ways that we could support your plans:

1)  You could bring your pupils here to do one of our workshops. Our Centre enables school pupils to experience real scientific experience real scientific techniques, perform experiments and explore current research happening across The University of Edinburgh. 

2)  If you would like scientists to visit your school, then post your event on the STEM ambassadors (STEM East) website you will be able to get some support.


Can you run one of our workshops in our school?

The nice thing about our workshops is that we have state-of-the-art equipment that we use, to bring this out to schools is not possible. A day in EBSOC gives an immersive experience, it enables your pupils to get a first-hand insight into what working in science is like. It also gives your pupils the opportunity to visit a Higher Education organisation. 


Can I bring my Brownies / Girl guides / Cubs / Scouts?

Unfortunately, although we really enjoy working with groups like Scouts and Guides, at the moment we don’t have enough staff resource to be able to run activities in the evenings and on weekends as well as our weekday daytime programme (which is already almost fully booked through to the end of the year!).

We are able to offer our school workshops during school holidays, the workshops begin at 10am and end at 2pm. We operate from a minimum of 16 to a maximum of 24, our Primary school level workshops run from mid-January to the end of May.

We also have an Animal Behaviour Toolkit that is free to download and can be used with your Brownies during their meetings.


Can I bring my class, they are younger than P6?

Our schools programme and laboratory has been designed for P6 - S6, if you have a P5/6 composite please get in contact to see what we can offer. 


Still got a question? Drop us an email at ebsoc@ed.ac.uk.