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Great Science Share 2021 @home

The Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre is proud to be a Scotland's Regional Champion and have a selection of hands-on investigations that can be used at home or in the classroom to help support your young science explorers to ask and answer their own scientific questions.

What is the Great Science Share?

The Great Science Share for Schools (GSSfS) is a national campaign run by the University of Manchester. It aims to engage young people in sharing their science questions and investigations with new audiences

The Great Science Share for Schools is founded on the values of supporting:

  • child-led communication to new audiences

  • inclusivity and non-competitiveness

  • promoting collaboration

In 2020, the GSSfS went online and a record number of children - more than 91,000 across 14 countries world wide - shared their science. 

Video: Great Science Share for Schools ¦ Get Involved in Scotland
They will share some information about the GSSfS campaign, its ethos and aims, outline the events planned for the year, show you the resources you can access and let how you can get involved. All the resources discussed in this video and the questions to feedback your thoughts to us can be found on our Padlet by clicking here.


You can read about Great Science Share for Schools (GSSfS) in a special issue of the ASE journal Primary Science. On page 27 you will find our article "Opening a Can of Worms" that explains how we encouraged children to get hands-on with contemporary scientific research in Scotland through the GSSfS.

ASE Primary Science Special Issue

Regional Champion Badge

Scotland & the GSSfS

Thanks to the hard work of STEM educators in Scotland, there were 101 GSSfS events registered in 2020, involving 9,055 young people, this compares to 24 in 2019 and 14 in 2018! 

In 2020, in response to the first lockdown, we launched a series of Science @Home Investigation packs and reached more than 5000 young people with these! 

Scotland now has two Regional Champions, our very own Jayne Quoiani (Education & Engagement Officer, Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre) and Primary SSERC Team.  Together, we want to build on this momentum of the 2020 campaign and engage even more pupils across Scotland.

We will be hosting an information session on Wednesday 24th February, 2021 for all Scottish primary teachers to attend. 


What's new for 2021?

We are continuing to support young people in sharing their scientific questions at home or in school. We believe the GSSfS campaign can still thrive and keep to its core principles of being child-focused, inclusive and non-competitive and collaborative. This campaign is a great way to come together and to inspire the scientists of the future.

The Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre,  will be working with local primary schools and researchers at The Roslin Institute to create a simple open-ended experiments that brings real-life science into the home. Using our our brand new Project Science Investigation Packs young people will create their own scientific question, use the scientific method and see how it is used by our research scientists. 

Browse our Project Science Investigation Packs (coming soon)

Families can still join in with the GSSfS from home and use our Science @Home Investigation Packs

Browse our Science @Home Investigation Packs


How can I get my class/family get involved?

         Register your interest with the Great Science Share. 

         Have a look at the EBSOC resources page and the GSSfS website

         Join us on Twitter @GreatSciShare @EBSOClab and hashtagging any questions or ideas using #GreatSciShare.


Any questions about the Great Science Share contact:

Call us at 0161 306 3991

GSSfS Team at greatscishare@manchester.ac.uk


Any questions about our science investigation packs

Call us at 0131 651 9679

Email the EBSOC Team at ebsoc@ed.ac.uk


Read about how we worked with local schools in 2019