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Marvellous Mixtures

Use this Science@Home investigation to explore the question "Can I separate my leafy mixture?". Download the workbook, follow the instructions and build confidence in using the scientific method. Don't forget to collect a certificate!

Science@Home is a series of simple hands-on activities that explore real-life science. 

Each investigation includes:

Screenshot of page 1 of the investigation booklet
  • Workbook with instruction guide, that can be downloaded and printed or used on a mobile device. With guiding questions to support your young explorer through their investigation.
  • A critical reading text about the work of our scientists, to help develop your child's scientific thinking.
  • A guide for grown-ups, that gives some tips and hints about the investigation and the scientific method.
  • A certificate to reward your child's scientific achievement.

To download this investigation please click the link below, please note that we will ask you three short questions before giving the links. We do not request any personal information and only use the information to report back to our funders. The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336.




Download Marvellous Mixtures Investigation Pack

Marvellous Mixtures Certificate