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Meet a Roslin Scientist - Virtual Visit

Your class can take part in a virtual visit to the Roslin Institute, meet one of our scientists and find out about science in the real world!

Learning Level: Senior Phase

Location: Online**

Duration: 40 minutes

Timings:  To be arranged with schools***

Cost: Free of charge

Availability: Fully Booked

Booking enquiries can only be made by  a teacher through their staff email account.


Please note:

* Meet a Roslin Scientist is currently only available to schools in Scotland
** there may be other schools in the session with your class

Session Description

In this online "virtual visit" you will get a chance to meet a Roslin Institute scientist online, find out about their work and how they became a scientist via a short video, ask questions and take part in a "science show-and-tell" activity.

The session will give your pupils a unique opportunity to learn about some current science happening here in Scotland, hear about different career paths and give them the opportunity to ask their own questions. Sessions like this can increase pupils´ curiosity in STEM, help raise awareness of STEM careers and support pupils to reflect on their own science-related skills.

Classes with a virtual visit booking will get pre-session access to their scientist's video, profile and an opportunity to submit questions in advance, as well as a chance to ask them on the day.  

Read more about this online engagement project here

The children were thrilled when their name and questions were read out. They loved the interactive chat box too and we had lots of discussion in class after the session.

Primary School TeacherLasswade Primary School, Midlothian


It’s not very often that you have the opportunity to interact with scientists. I knew that science was broad and multi-disciplinary but I had no idea of just how much potential and flexibility there was, it has made me very excited about my future.

Secondary School PupilCity of Glasgow

Learning objectives

  • To reveal the world of work in scientific research
  • To appreciate the impact that scientific discoveries have on society
  • To explore career pathways in science

Session activities

  • 5-minute video focusing on work and career path of a Roslin Institute scientist
  • Question and answer session
  • Science show-and-tell by one of our scientists
  • Pre and post workshop suggested activities for your class to get the most out of their virtual visit

Developing the Young Workforce

The following "I can" statements are supported through this online workshop, pre and post-workshop activities:
  • I can identify the skills I have learnt across the curriculum, how these relate to the world of work and can apply these appropriately during work placements and other work-related learning.

  • I can confidently access and interpret the information I need to make well informed choices about my learning options, pathways and how these relate to possible future careers.

  • I can work towards achieving qualifications which support me to achieve my future career aspirations.



Wed 16 November  2022



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