Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Beekeeping: citizen science workshop

Roslin scientists ran a beekeeping citizen science workshop at Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre.

Roslin scientists Dr Mark Barnett and Dr Tim Regan ran a beekeeping citizen science workshop on 1st and 2nd December 2018 at Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre (EBSOC). 

The aim of the project was to engage with a team of Citizen Scientist Beekeepers, some of whom had previously worked on a project mapping three honey bee diseases throughout Scotland in 2013/14 using PCR.

The objectives of the workshop were to train/re-train beekeepers in genomic DNA extraction and PCR, perform research into bee disease, assist a veterinary undergraduate student with a survey of anti-Varroa treatments used in Scotland and their efficacy, and to find out how beekeepers would like science to help honey bee health and research in Scotland.

I have previously worked on a Citizen Science beekeeper project and I particularly enjoy the interaction in the laboratory. I feel that people really start to get to grips with how science works.

Dr Mark BarnettThe Roslin Institute

Feedback from attendees was very positive:

I really enjoyed the weekend. Real science for real beekeepers. I would love to join in again.

An excellent day. Great, confident and enthusiastic mentors.

EBSOC is a purpose-built teaching laboratory where visiting groups, either schools or communities, can experience real-life, hands-on science. There will be more beekeeping workshops in the coming months, stay tuned!


Authored by Communications Officer at the Roslin Institute, Ines Crespo.