Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

Applied Science | DNA Profiling: The Great Escape

A full day workshop supporting students to develop practical lab skills and knowledge through working in our laboratory. They will first prepare solutions and agarose gels, and then use DNA gel electrophoresis to compare the DNA of five sheepy suspects. The workshop is supported throughout by with scientists and technicians working on our campus.

Learning Level: National 5 lab skills, National Certificate: Applied Science (SCQF 5-6), SWAP

Location: Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre, University of Edinburgh Easter Bush Campus, EH25 9RG

Minimum attendance: 16*

Maximum attendance: 24

Duration: 3.5/4.5 hours**

Timings: 10am - 1.30pm/2:30pm***

Cost: £5 per student

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Workshop Description

During this workshop students will develop pracitical lab skills and knowledge through working in our laboratory. They will prepare the solutions and agarose gels that they will need to carry out to use DNA profiling to compare the DNA of five sheepy suspects. There is also opportunity to meet with scientists and technicians working on our campus. 

It was perfectly pitched, the pupils got a huge amount from the day!

Lab Skills Teacher

Learning Objectives

  • To  perform manual laboratory molecular techniques 
  • To prepare solutions for laboratory use
  • To increase confidence in working in the lab
  • To work safely and efficiently in a laboratory setting
  • To interpret and discuss experimental results

Techniques used

  • Micro-pipetting
  • Chemical handling
  • Preparation of solutions
  • Prepartion of agarose gels
  • DNA gel electrophoresis

Workshop timeline

  • Analysis of sheep fleece from the scene of the escape
  • Introduction to micropipettes
  • Preparation of solutions
  • Preparation of agarose gels
  • Introduction to DNA profiling and DNA fragment analysis
  • DNA electrophoresis using agarose gels
  • Analysis and interpretation of results


Please add me to the waiting list!


Important Notes

*      Please contact us ebsoc@ed.ac.uk if your group falls below the minimum as we may be able to accommodate your request through  our

        small groups waiting list.

**   Full-day workshop includes DNA digest with restriction enzymes, shorter workshop uses pre-digested DNA samples.

*** A tour of The Roslin Institute can be organised on request, but this will affect the timings of your visit.

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