Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre

College Programme

We have a programme of molecular biology and genetic focused workshops for further education college students of all levels.

Meet a Roslin Scientist - Virtual Visit

Meet a Roslin Scientist - images of a cell culture dish, test tube with green liquid, and screen with computer code
Your class can take part in a virtual visit to the Roslin Institute, meet one of our scientists and find out about science in the real world!

Applied Science | DNA Profiling: The Great Escape

A full day workshop supporting students to develop practical lab skills and knowledge through working in our laboratory. They will first prepare solutions and agarose gels, and then use DNA gel electrophoresis to compare the DNA of five sheepy suspects. The workshop is supported throughout by with scientists and technicians working on our campus.

Real-Life Roslin Research | DNA Detectives: Dog Health & Disease

A half-day workshop focused on DNA gel electrophoresis. Students will be introduced to the work of Dr Jeffery Schoenebeck and will analyse DNA samples to discover their genotype for an important, health-related gene. The workshop is supported by scientists, technicians and vets working on our campus, and includes an opportunity for students to find out more about studying and working in science.

DNA & the Genome| PCR Masterclass: A Question of Taste

A full day, hands-on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) masterclass. Using their own DNA, students will discover and compare their version of a bitter taste receptor gene (genotype) with their ability to taste the bitter compound (phenotype). Includes a unique opportunity to meet and work with our scientists.  

Real-life Research| Genome Editing: Which Little Piggy?

A hands-on workshop working with scientists and exploring genome editing. This workshop gives a real insight and practical hands-on experience on what life in the lab is like here at The Roslin Institute. Students will be introduced to the current, cutting-edge research of Dr Christine Tait-Burkard and her team who have used genome editing technology to engineer pigs that are genetically resistant to an infectious disease called porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS). 

Proteins & Antibodies | ELISA Masterclass: Flu Fighters

A full day, hands-on workshop working with proteins and antibodies to carry out an ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay). A chance for your HNC, HND and AH to work with our scientists and use real lab equipment.