Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre


Hear what our visitors have to say about the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre.

Much more realistic, we don't normally hear much about what scientists are researching and how they do, I thought it was exciting.

Higher Biology Pupil

Felt like it had a purpose, we could see where it's useful! Getting to see how "actual" scientists works and thinks was interesting!

Higher Biology Pupil

I think the opportunity to talk to the scientists was a really good idea as it abled me to further clear any ideas of future courses which I would like to study

Higher Biology Pupil


I thought the workshop was planned really well, really smooth and thought through as compared to others I have attended. Would definitely recommend as I think it’s a great experience for a young person interested in pursuing science. Thank you for the opportunity !

Higher Biology Pupil

It was fun with a lot of "hands-on" work that made the workshop really good!

Higher Biology Pupil

It was different from a regular science lesson because I got to experience actually doing it [PCR] rather than just hearing about it!

Higher Biology PupilJedburgh Grammar School

The equipment was excellent and there was high pupil engagement.

Dr CarvalhoPT Science, Jedburgh Grammar School

We were welcomed warmly to the beautiful new facility, it was a treat to be able to access such a fantastic space and all the scientific equipment. Our teacher for the day was very lovely and very informative and we also thoroughly enjoyed interviewing a real scientist. The hands on experiments  and the examination of Daisy [the cow] made us feel like real scientists.

Primary 7 teacherBroughton Primary School, Biggar