Campus Services
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Campus Services

Information Technology

Supporting users across the Campus, the Information Technology team provide front line support in addition to a number of specialist IT services supporting teaching, research and clinical activities.

The overall strategic aim of IT on the Campus is to:

  • Ensure the effective IT user support service for all staff, students and visitors on the Campus
  • Participate in an active and vibrant environment to foster and enhance the teaching, research and clinical activities of the Campus
  • Provide specialist IT services for specific teaching, research and clinical activities, as required, on the Campus
  • Ensure the appropriate provision of IT infrastructure and data management is maintained for the Campus
  • This is the newest Campus service team at Easter bush.

The team is lead by Neil Bruce, Head of Operation Services within the User Services Division of Information Services. The team is lead in close liaison with the Campus Operating Officer to ensure effective service provision for the Campus.

Windows 10 is coming

Windows 10 is coming to an Easter Bush location near you.