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Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Campus Services

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety team coordinate health and safety activities across the Campus, ensuring that all activity complies with both statutory obligations and University health and safety policy.

The overall strategic aim of Health and Safety on the Campus is to:

  • Ensure effective arrangements are in place for compliance to both statutory obligations and the University Health and Safety Policy
  • Participate in an active and vibrant environment to foster and enhance the teaching, research and clinical activities of the campus
  • Ensure effective provision of accessible advice, guidance and training is provided to all staff, students and visitors on all aspects of health and safety applicable to campus activities
  • Ensure effective management and coordination of health and safety activities on the campus

The Easter Bush Health and Safety team lead by Sandra Grant, Campus Health and Safety Manager has offices both in the R(D)SVS Teaching Building and The Roslin Institute. The Campus Health and Safety Assistant, Walter Lowe, has delegated responsibility for Radiation Safety in the Roslin Institute building and elements of fire safety across the Campus.

The Campus team liaise closely with the University Health and Safety service within the University of Edinburgh.