Campus Services
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Campus Services

Facilities Management

The Facilities team has responsibility for the campus buildings and also for the technical support staff across campus. They work closely with colleagues from the University's Estates and Buildings service.

The overall strategic aim of Facilities on the Campus is to:

  • Ensure the effective organisation and coordination of building projects, repairs and alternations as well as all equipment repair/ service on the Campus
  • Participate in an active and vibrant environment to foster and enhance the teaching, research and clinical activities of the campus
  • Provide an effective waste management service on the Campus
  • Provide effective technical support for teaching and research activities on the Campus
  • Provide assistance and coordination in space planning activities across the Campus
  • Take an active role in contributing to the sustainability of the Campus activities

The Easter Bush Facilities team lead by Brian McTeir, Easter Bush Facilities and Estates Liaison Manager are located in the Middle Wing of the Campus. The deputy Campus Facilities Officer, Jane Weaver, has specific delegated responsibility for the technical support staff within the Campus, which includes technical staff from Anatomy, Histology, Bacteriology, Exotics, Clinical Skills, Lab Services, Central Services Unit and the Freezer Management Unit.

The Campus team liaise closely with the University Estates and Buildings service within the University of Edinburgh, with direct links into the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Premises Manager, Anne Moore and the Campus Services Hub Manager, Gordon Rolland.