E4 Doctoral Training Partnership

DTP Alumni

Read what our DTP alumni say about their PhD experience and find out what they are doing now.

Jamie Hunter

Investigating the recovery of rare earth elements by ionic liquids and bacteria

Anna Mackie

Interpreting Earth’s top-of-the-atmosphere broadband radiation flux variability using observations and models

Vanessa Burton

Visions for woodland expansion in 21st Century Scotland: alternative governance strategies and ecosystem service implications

Ben Clarke

Post-Caldera eruptions and pyroclastic density current hazard in the Main Ethiopian Rift

Geoff Wells

The social-ecological drivers of tree growth and diversity: Interdisciplinary learning with smallholder carbon agroforestry schemes in Mexico, Uganda and Mozambique

Roseanne Clement

Earthquake nucleation: small signals from Big Data

Amelia Bain

Eruption dynamics of cyclic vulcanian explosions from Galeras volcano, Colombia

Fred Bowyer

Triggering the Cambrian Explosion: Carbon Cycle reorganisation and the rise of Metazoans

Frazer Christie

Constraining ice, ocean and climate interactions along the Central Pacific-facing margin of West Antarctica

Jakob Assmann

Arctic tundra plant phenology and greenness across space and time