E4 Doctoral Training Partnership

E4 DTP Projects

  • Field testing of numerical models of landscape evolution using the fluvial archive: case study in the Rio Bergantes, Spain.

  • This projects main question is: can we combine field data and landscape evolution models to better understand the signature of climate change in the sedimentary and geomorphological record?
  • Supervisors

  • Mikael AttalUoE School of GeoSciencesmikael.attal@ed.ac.ukwww.geos.ed.ac.uk/homes/mattal
    Simon MuddUoE School of GeoSciencessimon.m.mudd@ed.ac.ukwww.geos.ed.ac.uk/homes/smudd
    Philippa AscoughScottish Universities Environmental Research Centre
    Richard StaffScottish Universities Environmental Research Centre